Autor Thema: TicWatch Pro 3 LTE: Mobvoi's smartwatch performs better than the Apple Watch and Samsung's Galaxy Watch in the speed test  (Gelesen 768 mal)


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Mobvoi's TicWatch Pro 3 GPS and Pro 3 LTE (also with GPS) are still the only wearables with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 4100 that we know of during the test period. The SoC's strength is confirmed in the current test by how the benchmark results compare with those of other Wear OS smartwatches like the Oppo Watch and the current ones from Samsung and Apple.


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Don't count on this company to push out any updates for their watches though.

I have the TW Pro 2020 and it still has not had any security updates even though the mods have said there will be coming soon. They have all but stopped replying to threads asking when there will be any security updates.


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The most unreliable watch ever. You've obviously been paid to write this article. What you failed to mention is the watch is made poorly resulting in both heart rate and oxygen sensors failing only weeks of normal use. Not to mention the false ip68 rating it holds.... Yes it's waterproof but the fine print says you will void warranty should you shower or even wash your hands with the watch on.. I'm currently up to my 3rd watch in as little as 6 months. Mobvoi refuse refund and continue to deny the watch is faulty.. Please do your research first as articles like this would have you believe it's the bees knees over a branded watch.


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I've got a ticwatch pro 3 GPS and have to say I'm much happier with this watch than my previous Samsung galaxy watch. Bring able to go a full weekend off charge and still track my activities is how every watch should work.

Just had the HMR1 update and Mobvoi telling their community that HMR2 is now in beta testing. Can't fault this so far


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I own quite a few Mobvoi products. They tend to perform quite well as well as bring something unique to the table... My gripe is their support -- or rather the lack of.
The initial support is good, but the second a new version of the product hits the market, the support for the previous model suddenly stops or becomes very minimal.
Be ready to self diagnose and look to other customers for support.

Sakti bayu

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It is amazing smartwatch...os any possibility sell in indonesia???


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I've been using the LTE version in the US for over a year. It works just fine on the Verizon network. I've been very pleased with it, including swimming, construction work, and other rough activities. It works nicely, but I do agree some OS updates are needed. I'm hoping they'll happen soon with the Google buying fitbit.


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Today, I order Ticwatch Pro 3. I think this is a best smartwatch WearOs.
Btw coupon code for TicWatch : OBLLRD.


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