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Notebookcheck's Top 10 Budget Office/Business Notebooks

Started by Redaktion, December 10, 2013, 14:16:19

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December 2013 update. Here you will find the current best office/business notebooks for below 800 Euros (~$1064) reviewed by Notebookcheck in the last few months. Our list of top models is regularly updated, maintained and commented on and should assist in purchase decisions.

Dale T. Hill

My experience of the Chinese manufacturer Lenovo is terrible after-sales service. They have an online forum where punters put very oft-repeated problems, but Lenovo fails to reply to the posts or offer a solution. The Lenovos may look good... till they go wrong. Then you're on your own, as the online chat help is worse than useless. The woman who I consulted re. my insoluble power supply problems, so well known to Yoga2 owners, suggested they were due to "static".  Most of her responses implied she was dealing with a host of callers and they made no sense. I would never buy Lenovo again.


Using ThinkPad E470 for almost a year. Great laptop! After 11 month looks like new. Still, don't like the top panel. Fingerprint magnet.


There must be a typo in the huawei honor section. The 4500U is a 6-core, 6-thread processor. Not a 6/12 as the article says.


It is funny to read about the best "budget office" laptops, although they are never budgetary in most countries in the top models. And it is especially ridiculous to read about this delusional table where exclusively underneath 14" without a normal keyboard with numpad and at least 15.6" screen.

What did the authors of this table smoke? How do they represent normal/typical office work with such a ugly keyboard in Excel? Or how can you spend 7-8 hours of working time for 14" underscreen?

It is as if this rating is compiled exclusively by order of manufacturers of tons riveting these incomprehensible misunderstandings, especially those that weigh more than 1.3 kg without a aims often to carry them (which means that this miserable E series never corresponds) up to 8 hours autonomy.

The best budget laptopes begin with 15.6" class and nothing else.

By the way, Acer Travel Mate P2 215 (15.6") with 5650U/5850U did not test this site in 2021 and in 2022, unlike LaptopMedia, although there are few numbers, but I would like a complete review.

What is still noticeable, the manufacturers are plowing this strange 14" class (neither one nor si), they are scored to improve the cooling system at 15.6" built on the same platform. What is clearly visible on the same Acer Travel Mate - places for a more massive and quiet system at 15.6 "much more than 14" 214-. But even at 15.6" they managed to convince everything by mutilating numpad until the unrecognizability with blind input. Acer, why did you do this? How did you come up with such a keyboard in drug delirium?

For me, the office has a normal office laptop (if you work on its keyboard and look at its screen all work time), starts with 16" and 2560x1600 for a more clear text. But what do we have in the budget? Yes, nothing, but Lenovo ideapad 5 pro with soldered 16gb ram.

Although I know that many firms in my country bought up ASUS TUF 2021/Legion 5 Pro as working laptops to the office of employees. Precisely because they have relatively best keyboards with almost classical layout. But they will definitely not buy Tuf 2022 - again because of the disfigured keyboard again.

If we take 12-14" class as a portable system unit with a very rare use of its screen and keyboard (because both are a priori non-ergonomic), then the number(and quality) of external interfaces are decisive factors and of course the noiseless of the cooling system in surfing and office programs (in general, with a load on the all cores in the region up to 30%).

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