Autor Thema: Apple M1 approaches the unbelievable as Intel Core i9-11900K falters in PassMark's single-thread performance chart  (Gelesen 1012 mal)


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A new CPU Mark single-thread performance chart for desktop processors has been published by PassMark, and once again it features some startling results. It appears the Apple M1 silicon, which is a hybrid chip, is rapidly closing in on the powerful Intel Core i9-11900K desktop processor in this particular benchmark.


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Sad to see such low grade journalists here on notebook check. This article just shows that you know little about CPU architectures.


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Intel is dead. I didn't kill it. Apple didn't kill it.
It was dying when M1 got here. Let's have the courtesy to read it the last rites. Amen.

Jez Winnington

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By Intel is dead you mean Intel slightly faltered after decades of dominance.

They are not dead because there are no longer top of some who's the fastest chart.

They are still market leader but they do have to up their game or they could be left behind.

But even now when you look at the more budget offering, i3's lower spec i5's, they have no competition. AMD haven't offered anything in that space.

People have hate for Intel because it was clear they were holding performance back and making you pay extra for features AMD came along and offered for free.

But let's be clear they are market leader by quite a large margin and due to their More complete product line that isn't about to change any time soon. No matter what reviews say about their cpu's

Intel i3/5 get stomped

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Jez, what are you on about? AMD has more dominance in the low end than anywhere else... The only place intel even competes anymore is whatever their absolute most expensive, over-binned CPU is... It makes perfect sense as well, they can make great chips, but their manufacturing processes have faltered, therefore their yields are terrible. AMD has the opposite issue, their top tier performance is the most difficult to achieve, but their yields are excellent. Pricing has only inflated recently due to their absolute dominance in the lower end-mid grade chips.


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Apple is artificially manipulating benchmark scores.

Mark Faulkner

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Wow it beats some CPUs in single Core yet is slower overall than a Ryzen 1700... I am sure Intel amd AMD are very concerned 😂

Brian J Grier

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Apple doesn't matter for one main reason...

No one can buy their chips and put them in their device.

If you want to use Apple's chips you have to use them in their boxes with their software. So any chance of building an awesome IoT, gaming, server, or desktop system is completely out of the question.


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hmm I score 3626 single core on a 5800X  :p


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Intel's Alder Lake chips appear to be closer to the Apple M1 designs.  Intel says they will roll out a 16 core Alder Lake desktop chip in 2H 2021 with DDR5 memory,+ PCIE5 io and new cores.  Its Gracemont cores will also provide an option for low power operation ... which should eat into Apple's features.

Apple needs to catch up with Tiger Lake's Thunderbolt 4 that's already sold over 30 million chips since launch.  Intel's integrated Xe GPUs and display support are also superior.


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so, was this test done on a single logical core, or a single physical core on x86? 


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the thing is this was Apples first attempt at chips and only for the entry level computers! Look out, much better ones are coming


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Apple has had it’s own chips in phones and tablets for years..


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How exactly is this useful? I bought this M1 Macbook Pro hoping to do video editing for my film. However, the professional editors that are in the field all want to use Avid Composer for editing, and it's not available for Apple Silicon with no date in sight when it will be available. The software available  for M1 chips is limited. It is now being used as a glorified iPad without the touch capability. It is going to take a long time for the Apple Silicon to beat Intel chips right now.


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