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Autor Thema: AnandTech editor reports that Intel may be incentivizing mini PC makers to delay or not build AMD-based models  (Gelesen 1682 mal)


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The first Ryzen 3000 Picasso APUs have just been added to mini PC offerings from ASRock and Zotac and it may take up to one year for the freshly released Ryzen 4000 Renoir processors to make it into small form-factor PCs. Prominent OEMs like Dell, Asus and MSI do not even offer any AMD-bsaed mini PCs.


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I could not be surprised that they have impact not only on time when and if. But also on Quality of AMD products, the bad screens, single channel ram etc
Intel is known from this, and they should be punished for this. Anticompetitive actions are illegal.

william blake

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in case you guys are not familiar with the recent a-tech renoir review
good read with some interesting points like 2666 vs 3200 memory and productivity on the battery.
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very good thing coming out of Intel never changing and they attempt to try this bad act again? you think the world is stupid ? boycott Intel product!


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intel has a history of doing anti-competitive practices, so this isn't very surprising...screw intel.

Steve Ballmer

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Intel never learns and it appears neither do PC manufacturers. There is now a huge opportunity for smaller PC suppliers to beat the big guys. It may also lead to a lot more people building their own. I certainly hope so. The only obstacle at the moment is the difficulty in obtaining delivery of some parts, especially SFF cases.


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HP and Lenovo already made mini pcs with GE variants of ryzen apus.


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Asus is selling the Asus ROG Zephyrus G .  This gaming notebook uses a ryzen 3k

Intel Sauce

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I will take note of which manufacturers are slow to offer AMD computers. Then, I will pay them less attention. Will buy AMD for next laptop and desktop.

Anastasios Fotiadis

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Being there, done that. Same old Intel as back in 2004 when Athlon X2 offerings were beating their [email protected]@@s big time.
They were giving incentives to manufacturers in money or extra CPUs in order to not build or sell pc's with AMD CPUs.
Lets show some love to AMD for once and punish Intel?


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I imagine this is because Intel is fearing how much sells could AMD have with Ryzen APUs. Really good graphics performance with low consumption will make an excellent mini PC for casual gaming at a nice price. Sh*tty movements from Intel.


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Just refreshed an old phenom ii build I had with an fx 6300 for media pc . Runs beautiful! I will be building a new gaming / desktop and won't consider Intel for this crap they do! Anti- American! Pure scum


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Typical Intel. If you can't win fair and square... Cheat.


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blame is possible. but one should not forget even intel itself is not big player there, infact it is very little businessmen for intel in embedded or similar solutions. Moreover, TSMC capacity is limited and glo-fo variants are not power efficient. so may be latter when TSMC rises to 5nm and samsung comes out with next node, current 7nm processor may see path to that arena. Right now AMD itself may not be interested in low margin business, which is open meagerly to x86-64 platform.

Antonio P Marchesi

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The whole Justice system is to blame for this, worldwide... If you do something wrong you get punished big time, if you steal, coherse, cheat Billions you only get penalized by a small % of that amount, so... you actually made profit... in another words... Big Corporations benefit from wrong doing, there is no real penalty from doing so, actually I will go as far as calling it a good business decision, you get a slap in the wrist that you are allowed to appeal, and you can keep your profits.


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