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News / Re: Google Pixel 7 Pro prototy...
Last post by Gordo - Yesterday at 22:51:58
Google have images of the phone on their own website and have done for weeks now. It's hardly a leak
News / Starlink satellite Internet pr...
Last post by Redaktion - Yesterday at 22:34:19
Elon Musk's Starlink satellite Internet service is growing leaps and bounds, both in terms of monthly prices and when it comes to download speeds. Compared to the same period last year, Starlink speed have gone way up not only in the US and Canada, but across the globe.
Reviews / Re: Like a Dell XPS 17, But Wo...
Last post by mpmp - Yesterday at 22:33:43
i have the 11th gen version of lg ultra pc 17, i think a review of it will be interesting. i find it a well rounded pc even if it is still pricey. performance are ok, but my biggest concern is the high temperature reached while gaming. about noise it is quite often silent, however i find the fan noise just a little high pitched
News / Re: Cannondale Moterra Neo EQ ...
Last post by abc - Yesterday at 22:31:27
That's costs more than I haw earned in entire life in 30 years
News / Re: Der Apple M1 übertrumpft d...
Last post by Deutsche Sprache retten - Yesterday at 22:28:09
Quote...doppelt so schnell _als_...
Und das soll so im Netz stehen bleiben?

Ich hoffe doch, dass das nicht ernst gemeint ist.
News / Deal: Microsoft Surface Go 2 m...
Last post by Redaktion - Yesterday at 22:20:50
Dank eines Deals beim deutschen Versandhaus Otto gibt es die gehobene Konfiguration des Microsoft Surface Go 2 mit dem Intel Core m3 Prozessor und 8GB Arbeitsspeicher aktuell zum neuen Bestpreis mit einer satten Ersparnis von über 30 Prozent zu bestellen.
News / Das Xiaomi 12 Lite zeigt sich ...
Last post by Redaktion - Yesterday at 21:48:45
Über die vergangenen Wochen wurde es still um das Xiaomi 12 Lite, nun sind aber gleich eine ganze Reihe neuer Promo-Bilder, Hands-On-Fotos und sogar ein Unboxing-Video aufgetaucht, die das günstigere Mitglied der Xiaomi 12-Serie mit 108 MP Triple-Kamera und 120 Hz AMOLED-Display im Detail zeigen.
News / HTC launches the Desire 22 Pro...
Last post by Redaktion - Yesterday at 21:41:57
HTC has been hinting at the imminent launch of a 'Viverse phone' for some time, and has now made good on these teasers with the new Desire 22 Pro. The OEM asserts that it comes with internals powerful enough to run metaverse apps as well as visit virtual spaces. Then again, the same specs are hardly flagship-grade, although you wouldn't guess it from its starting price.
News / Re: Dreame W10 Pro: Leistungss...
Last post by horx - Yesterday at 21:30:20
Nein kann er nicht. Habe ihn hier zu Hause stehen. Er hat lediglich einen Frischwasser- und Schmutzwassertank.
News / Re: ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 10:...
Last post by Brad Collins - Yesterday at 21:17:45
I don't mind that for a slim device that the performance drops off over time - I feel that is somewhat expected.

However I feel that this is a tuning issue as the X1 Yoga Gen7 drops down to around 1270 for it's score in R15 whereas the Carbon Gen 10 drops all the way down to 680 and in fact is still dropping when the graph finishes.

We had a similar thing with the Carbon Gen 9 as well with various BIOS released affecting performance and maybe this is still a bit of a beta version - disappointing but perhaps by the time the general public can get the device it will be resolved.

I'm also keen to see what happens with the 1280P in the Gen 10 and if it is similar to the 6 core 10710U in similarly thin devices where the performance wasn't really any better than the 4 core 10610U in almost every situation.