Autor Thema: The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti is a shadow of its former self after 18 months of crypto mining  (Gelesen 1647 mal)

Milan Spasic

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Blocked from google. The title wasnt even a clickbait, it is a flat lie. Reporting for that.


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Just no. Laughable, in fact.


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No Kidding
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You mean they didn't do the minimum of reapplying thermal interface material after 1.5 years of abnormally heavy usage and then made a video about how it performed like no one had done the minimum to replace the TIM? My god, what a ducking revelation.


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This is so hilarious...the one on the left is running in the mid 50Cs and the one on the right is in the 70s....nothing about this video is legit, it's a tailored LIE.


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Just another clickbait article. Sure sign of sinking website.

As for article. Of course, because mining card has cooling issue. Very likely it needs thermal paste replacement. But basically what us happening is thermal throttling, meaning card clicks down to stay withing temperature target. And instead of replacing paste and actually figuring things out to our out educational piece, it seems like author was way too much in hurry to cash in on clickbait. A good site would take article like that down, because they value their regular visitors and audience more than burst you get with clickbait. I guess not this one. Just saying.

As for mining cards, they are safe purchase for reasonable price, especially if you can get picture of mining rig and can see that cards were spaced nicely. Miners will usually even undervolt them so they don't run too hot. But there is no harm in asking about it. Also always be prepared to change thermal paste on used cads. It could be fine, but I would do it just in case anyway.

But even with mining those cards will still last you for years to come. Unless you are looking for card you will keep more than 5 years, it will be fine. And as long as price is right, that is non issue.

Also you can get same with used cards sold by gamers. You never know how well cooled and maintained card was there either.


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Removing you from Google feed for continuous low quality time waste clickbaiting posts.


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Electronics do not just 'wear out' or slow down over time. Electricity is electricity, and as long as there's no physical damage or corrosion to the components it will always perform as it was designed. This is because there are no moving parts with the card itself. The cooling system however was likely never cleaned properly or the fan bearings have worn out, both of which would reduce its effectiveness and lead to the card thermal throttling due to higher temps. Modern electronics are really super reliable, and performance tends to be affected by either software advancing beyond its capabilities or issues with moving parts it relies on to operate, which DO wear out due to their nature.


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Useless video and even more useless article.

There is literally no information.
- was it actually the same GPU?
- was the exact same system used (fresh install, same version, same drivers etc.)
- same bios and microcode? Intel took quite a hit from Spectre meltdown
- was the thermal paste replaced?
- was the GPU undervolted and cooled well?

So many question and no answers...


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Also blocking your site. If you can't be bothered to consider basic cause and effect in your articles, I'm not going to bother reading it.

Fed up of click bait

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Another user blocking your site from all Google feeds. Ridiculous "article".


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