Autor Thema: Did you buy a Nexus 6P? You could be due compensation from Google and Huawei  (Gelesen 1185 mal)


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Consumers who experienced bootlooping and battery drain issues with their Nexus 6P devices could receive compensation after Huawei and Google agreed to settle class action lawsuit. Although you'll have to hurry - the claim period is limited!

Rolly Lawas

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Is the payout includes Nexus 6P units bought outside the United States? How and where  to apply?


Waqas Azaz

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I also want to know as my Nexus6p is lying in my drawer after only been used for a year due to bootloop of death. I live outside United States so how can we be compensated?

Benjamin Marty

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Huawei took responsibility
« Antwort #3 am: Mai 18, 2019, 13:43:24 »
I don't understand why the claim is that neither company took responsibility. When my Nexus 6P had a battery problem, if I recall correctly, Huawei told me there was a known issue with the main board, had me send it to their facility in Texas, and sent it back to me fixed. That was a couple years ago when there was flooding in Texas at the time so I was concerned about delays in processing and returning my phone, but I got it back and have been using it to this day.

Susan Sanders

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 The link to submit the required documentation is returning and error message.
Would you be able to provide me with the link or how to locate information to file claim?

Nathaniel Sause

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My mother bought me this device last year for me to use daily as a student.
Is it possible to me to be compensated if I were living outside United States?
To specify I'm living in the Philippines

Yuliya Karlina

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I had this issue. What proper documentation do we need to submit and where do we submit it to?


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Hey guys I found the link to their long form. The Verge has an article similar to this except it actually has the link.  I tried uploading if for you guys but this shitty site wouldn't let me.

keith runfola

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the link to "submit the required documentation " is not working. 3rd time on 3 different articles. Maybe we are not supposed to actually be able to access?

Beverley Morley

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I had a nexus P6, I brought it through  EE.
My question  is that it kept crashing because  of the battery, I got in contact with EE and was advised to buy another phone because  they battery had lost its charging  ability.
Because  I no longer have it am able to claim?
I couldn't afford another one, I loved this phone my struggling to cope with another make.


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According to

"The claims filing period will not be open until June 7, 2019."
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I bought  my Nexus 6p while vacationing in the United States, on may 2016. It worked well until last days of 2017 when it bootlooped and became useless.
I still have the phone, but not the papers. Can I still enter the compensation?


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