Autor Thema: AMD Polaris 30 12 nm GPU coming in Q4 2018, 7 nm gaming GPUs coming in 2019  (Gelesen 345 mal)


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The Polaris 30 might come as a surprise, but AMD also neglected to mention the Polaris 20 GPUs in last year's roadmaps, so this looks to be business as usual for the red team. With a rumored 15% performance increase, the Polaris 30 GPUs will be comparable to the RX Vega 56 GPUs. AMD is also said to be preparing budget 7 nm GDDR6 GPUs for early 2019 and high-end HBM2 variants for late 2019.


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Hello , nice article here i can't wait for a amd gpu release cuz right now i am on igpu and i dont want nvidia card.


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If you've only got integrated graphics, then why wait for a new GPU that might not come till next year. You can buy an RX 580 4GB for AU$350 / US$260. It's a good GPU, I would buy one right now except I have an R9.390 8GB, so for me, only the Vega 56 offers a real upgrade.


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In Romania rx 580 is 340 ~ 380 us$


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