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14-15 NTB für einen Gartenarchitekt, 400-800 EUR
« am: Juli 28, 2020, 08:19:14 »
I would like to ask for a tip on a laptop for a landscape architect. This is a replacement for the HP Elitebook 8740p. Use Office + NBL Landscape Designer. Rather basic user (not seeing a difference between a "browser" and the "internet" etc).

HW Requirements:
Display 14 or 15 should not be completely poor, but most of the work is done on an external monitor
Graphics with Direct X 11 support or better, preferably with an upgrade possibility
Rather lighter construction (but "lighter" meant compared to the current 8740p)
Docking station (mouse + keyboard + 1 monitor + printer)
Good cooling
The longest possible lifespan
Duralibility/sturdiness at a business level (Probook and better)
It doesn't have to be a muscle machine, but win + email + office + NBL + browser at once should be handled without delay (ie i5 + 8GB RAM?). Precision or Zbook seem like an overkill to me
It doesn't have to be extra thin, preferably with easy access to the inside
I forgot to ask about the battery, but I don't think it's essential. 3 hours or so would be nice.

I would checked on some refurbished Elitebook (Probook?), Latitude (Vostro?), Or Thinkpad L/T. Would you have any tip on what to take? I also don't know if it makes sense to consider lower model lines like Probook and Vostro for the refurbishment - if they do get refurbished at all. And most of the lower business lines seem to have dropped a dock?
400 EUR is a perfectly fine price, 600 would work, I think it would be possible to make it to 800, but by the fact that there is no need for a strong computing power, it is probably unnecessary, unless those bucks multiply the lifetime.



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Re: 14-15 NTB für einen Gartenarchitekt, 400-800 EUR
« Antwort #1 am: Juli 28, 2020, 17:58:17 »
Was man für eine festgelegte Preis haben kann, ist hier:

Hier geht es auch ohne Preisfestlegung:


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