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we are talking about gaming/working laptops.
Surely, some will come with U series chips. For example, Lenovo uses 15 W chips in their T series and derived P series.


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I find it weird that you refer to the GS65 multiple times in the article, but do not include it in the list of competition tables. You should definitely add that.

Kudos to MSI to put in 99.99Wh of a battery, that is the maximum allowed on a flight now!!

Seeing the temperature and noise levels, as well as the slightly disappointing battery times, I am curious to see the i7 version tested. I have a feeling that one would get higher than this mediocre (for this price level) 83%.


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This thing would probably be fine with a 9750h, but notably with a renoir chip it would be great. 50w of thermal headroom is pretty good, despite you saying that "90C is a sign of the processor being too much for the chassis" (not verbatim). if it was 90C at like 45w then maybe i'd agree but it's a fair bit above tdp lol


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Test this one:
Zephyrus GA502IU-XS74

I'm curious to see how it compares with the 4800HS and a 1660 Ti at the same weight and half the price.   I'd bet it is a lot cooler and quieter, and won't throttle the graphics card.

I hope MSI will put out something with similar specs.


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Notebookcheck please add the G14 in the comparison charts, people need to see how much the 4900HS kicks the 10980HK's butt,

4900HS Cinebench Peak 1850, Sustained 1630

10980HK Cinebench Peak 1630, Sustained 1520

When the Competition's tiny 14" laptop cpu has SUSTAINED perofrmance that is same as your best PEAK performance, you know Intel, you're knocked out!


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Aaron  -  You are right but unfortunately we wont see any top tier laptop with 4900HS. Asus G14/G15 laptops are not good ones, other than CPU nothing special in it, if you buy laptop this year must be with intel chip, doesnt matter how hot and expensive it is...


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imo, msi-s are overpriced and lenovo-s are simply better choice. waiting for the new series!


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Hey all

I'm looking at buying a MSI GS66 laptop but I have some concerns:

I have a Samsung LC49RG90 with a resolution of 5120x1440, 120hz and Freesync 2.
The screen doesn't have Thunderbolt so I can only use Displayport 1.4 to use all of these maximum settings.

Now, I know that the GS66 has a Displayport in the USB-C port and the GS66 monitor doesn't support G-Sync.
But as Nvidia cards now can use Freesync as well, will the G-Sync option work for external monitors?

And is this Displayport the 1.4 version? Because the B&H website says it is 1.2 and I think that would not be enough to push this resolution at 120hz.

Hope you can help me out with some correct information :)



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I think the reviewer when looking at the heat output overlooked the fact that the CPU's TDP is well above spec. The i9-10980HK in this GS66 has actually been TDP upped to 65 watts(Intel's recommended value is 45 watts). This is why it's so hot. If you dropped PL1 down to 45W the temperatures are perfectly reasonable. Furthermore, the GS series also have cooler boost to ramp up fans to handle the higher thermal output for the higher TDP. Still not necessarily enough for the laptop at stock(see jarrodtech's benchmarks) but after repasting and undervolting you can hit 4.3 ghz all core boost.


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