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Constant jerk XMG P702
« am: März 07, 2020, 13:49:37 »
Hello everyone,,
I have recently had the problem in games like NFS Most Wanted 2012 and BF3 (both with the highest settings) that I get micro stuttering / stuttering every 2 seconds that really mess up my fun playing. As I said, everything went well since October 2012, but the problem has been going on for a month.
My confi with the XMG P702:
Corsair Neutron GTX SS
Intel Core I7 3610QM
AMD Radeon HD 7970M
8 Gb Vengeance RAM
Seagate Momentus 750GB
If I screw down the graphics, only the strength of the stutterers is reduced, but they do not disappear. Have a look at my temperatures ... My processor at BF3 heats up to Ultra up to 96 C, average 95 C and the graphics card also 90-95 C (according to HW Monitor), is that normal or not? (So ​​today at about 32 C in the room ^^)

/ edit Vlt I can upload a video soon so you can see what I mean.
// edit Even when conventing videos 93 C processor.

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Re: Constant jerk XMG P702
« Antwort #1 am: März 12, 2020, 08:38:48 »
Hey serjio,

sorry for the late reply.
The temperatures are quite high for a gaming load, they should be around 70ish degrees on both CPU and GPU.
Maybe a repasting and a bit of cleaning will solve the issue.
Otherwise it's a hardware problem.
Unfortunately we don't have any spare parts in stock anymore, so we can't swap the mainboard for example.

Btw, cool that you're still playing BF3! Love that game. :D

// Arthur
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