Autor Thema: Sony is working on the Xperia Compact, a 5.5-inch phone for lovers of small devices  (Gelesen 263 mal)


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Be excited, ye lovers of small smartphones; be very excited. Sony is apparently working on a new compact phone. The Xperia Compact will feature a 5.5-inch display with a physical footprint smaller than that of the Xperia XZ2 Compact and Samsung Galaxy S10e.


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hm.... well, at least they're trying, but the newer models still keep getting longer. It's the length that bothers me, not the width, because the length is the limiting factor in waterproof phone bags or pants pocket.  I liked the 129mm lengths of the original compacts.


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Good news. I like the longer aspect ratio, but any small edge to edge phone with decent cameras would be good enough for me. I just need something to replace the SE.


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If it has a headphone jack & is available in Canada it'll probably be my next phone


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It looks physically bigger than the 5'9" Xiaomi 9 SE.


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It looks physically bigger than the 5'9" Xiaomi 9 SE.

The 9 SE is 147×70 mm, even larger than the S10e.


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I am excited! Returned the Xperia 5 because it was way too tall. Using a "compact" Nokia 4.2 right now but the snapdragon 439 is slow and laggy and the screen is mediocre. I will switch back to Sony the day this is released in the US!!

Akhilesh Vanam

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I welcome it strongly and is a right move


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If it's got a headphone jack and dual SIM I'll likely get it. Some elements resistance and a big battery would make me very happy and sure to buy. I just hate the USB C this will certainly have as all my other gadgets are usb micro.


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Compared to the balanced design of the XZ1C, that new Xperia is .. ugly. The screen ratio is a complete nonsense. When in landscape mode, it is totally unusable except for viewing movies. When in portrait the virtual keyboard is compressed with tiny tiny keys, and you only get 2 words max per line of text. Brilliant for a 800$+ gadget! I don't consider my smartphone as a camera nor a movie screen. It's a serious communication tool , to be in touch with my friends, my bank and for my business. Maybe the occasional picture but nothing more. 


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I'd love a small phone that was actually small. A 5.5 inch screen is not really easy to use one handed, your thumb will not reach the top of the screen unless you've particularly big hands.

Something with Android the size of the iPhone SE is the dream and has been for over 4 years now. 4 - 4.5 inch screen and less than 130cm tall.


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