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The sixth generation of HP's ZBook 15u workstation offers a wide range of configuration options. For example, there is a 4K display, an Intel Core i7 CPU and a dedicated GPU available for around $2000. Find out if it's worth changing to this new model or whether users should rather stick to the predecessor in this review.


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Well, that's how payed promotion articles are made now days. Put minor drawback  to the header so innovation look bad.  Wondering if Lenovo payed for that either. Apple-style marketing is killing the industry.


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According to HP specs the weight is starting at 1.77kgs.

Sorry but no

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Sorry guys but no!
Respect for the job you are doing, but something went wrong with your reviews. First I'm not HP, Lenovo, Dell or any brand fan, I just want honest reviews. If this laptop scores 81% how come same laptop scores 89 as an Elitebook 850 g5? The only difference is the cpu which on the other hand is the same Intel cpu with a bit overclocking (in turbo mode only, hence faster rise in temperature - faster throttling) and dedicated video card which obviously is a weak but certified professional video card. How come from stated 1.77kg, zbook 15u G5 become 1.94kg and G6 1.58kg - same configurations, no touch screen. Same as the G5 which score 80% and elitebook G5 89%? Ok, better display on the elitebook vs zbook G5, but you have very good display here? At the same time Lenovo T590 (which have a fair score, same as elitebook G5/6) are doing the same with P53s (T590 with weak professional GPU) which you will review soon and I believe will score a lot more than this one, even if you review the 250nits model. And again sorry, but you've lost credibility with me, which is pitty since not many detailed reviews exist..


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T580 with uhd ips (low pwm+poor brightness+low contrast+low sRGB coverage) set 91% of 98 by NB team...and perfect zbook uhd ips with much more quality only 89%?


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I have this laptop and after 3 weeks it stopped to work completely (motherboard issue). Unfortunately the repair needed almost 2 months waiting for the new board! Where is the HP solidity and good services? Gone forever???


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