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Autor: Sukhoi
« am: November 11, 2019, 16:10:32 »

the concept of using flash memory over a disc actually seems kind of cool, even if it isn't cheap enough yet. Even mediocre NAND can manage speeds faster than the edge of a blueray disc
Autor: gerger
« am: November 11, 2019, 06:37:41 »

It would be nice though if they could do something about the read-only optical discs. With day 1 patches and all, i think read-only physical games are really out-dated, and read speeds on discs are not that great.

It would be really nice if you could eventually update the physical game you bought day 1 to be the definitive edition with all the DLC later on.
I know there are a lot of question marks in writeable physical media, but optical discs need to go already.
Autor: Nate
« am: November 11, 2019, 00:00:47 »

I think it would be a smart time to work on a ps vita 2. Think about it. With T-Mobile trying to bring a nation wide release of 5g, it could be the perfect opportunity for Sony to release a ps vita 2 with an almost all screen Oled display, SD  card support (or similar, maybe even Smaller SSD), and cellular support for 5g and all add with the addition of playstation now also being available for play on the system. With streaming in the rise Sony could release the ultimate OTG streaming capable handheld device that could play most if not all triple a games. Specifically COD:MW. I’ve owned an original and slim PSP and the original Oled ps vita. I still own the original if the two.
Autor: Tense1983
« am: November 10, 2019, 22:51:30 »

It's the proprietary SSD they'll used for instant load time retard
Autor: rggawg
« am: November 10, 2019, 18:44:20 »

instant loading
Autor: Redaktion
« am: November 10, 2019, 17:38:08 »

Sony Interactive Entertainment has filed a patent application with Brazil’s Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial (INPI) that features a drawing of what looks like a game cartridge. Could the upcoming PlayStation 5 console include a game cartridge slot or has SIE got another console in the works, such as a PS Vita 2?

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