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Autor: redhavn11
« am: Oktober 08, 2019, 23:50:03 »

I bought an Aero 15 x8 with a 4k panel from the Amazon UK Warehouse for £1300, and so far I am quite satisfied with it. It seems very stable, and didn't have issues yet. However, except for two concerns.

Firstly, my Pantone calibrated profile only works in color managing apps like photoshop and lightroom. Outside that in Windows and on the web everything looks oversaturated. How to get the Pantone profile to work throughout the whole system?

Secondly, there is a gap of around a millimeter or two between the top of the lower bezel and the screen where dust may collect. Along the edge of the screen the gap differs slightly in wideness, in some parts it is more firmly attached to the screen. Is this a legitime source of concern or not really?

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