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Posted by okwei2000
 - November 21, 2018, 18:47:43
I dont care if it's going to be thinker, i'm totally ok with the current size, but I like a better keyboard and normal webcam. oh, please add an extra usb-c port.
Posted by olee22
 - September 17, 2018, 18:47:18
Quote from: KapiksBrother on September 17, 2018, 11:10:47
f***. What do we need a thinner laptop for? As if it is not thin enough already...
What about addressing real issues - like thermal management and drivers?
Seriously - thermal system in these laptops is already at its limit.
The solution? Let's make them thinner. WTF laptop manufacturers????

Totally agree. I really don't care if it is thinner or not. Actaully, the alternative that I consider to the XPS 15 is a Lenovo P52, and so I totally don't care about the thickness.
Posted by Vance
 - September 17, 2018, 18:35:35
Would be excellent if Dell can offer them without the dGPU at a lower starting price maybe around $700. Cheap, decent H-CPU + iGPU laptops that don't waste valuable r&d on being as thin as paper would be quite a popular market I imagine.
Posted by KapiksBrother
 - September 17, 2018, 11:10:47
f***. What do we need a thinner laptop for? As if it is not thin enough already...
What about addressing real issues - like thermal management and drivers?
Seriously - thermal system in these laptops is already at its limit.
The solution? Let's make them thinner. WTF laptop manufacturers????
Posted by olee22
 - September 17, 2018, 07:44:47
I hope they offer better pasting on the XPS 15 in the future, it's a shame that one has to do it by hand, and add undervolting, to reach the full potential of that machine... if they make it even thinner, it must have some new type of colling solution, because the more of the same old won't help much.
Posted by Bill
 - September 16, 2018, 09:09:08
@Steve Johnson
For the requirements you specified, you are not part of the market share the XPS turns to.
Since you have no problem with weight just go for a 6-7 pounds Alienware or any other PC alternative. You'll get almost a perfect answer to your need.

I'll say it again in case someone here missed it - THE XPS IS A LIGHTWEIGHT NOTEBOOK!
And as such it has several inherit drawbacks, such as limited cooling and occasional throttling.
If you can not accept those limitations, you either need to look for a different laptop or wake up and adjust your needs.

No laptop on Earth can be strong, cool, quiet, light and still be priced reasonably. It's simply not physical.
Posted by Steve Johnson
 - September 16, 2018, 00:32:21
Users want "decent" performance, great displays, great keyboards, great battery life, and a "laptop" that doesn't fry their legs––otherwise, its not a laptop!
Posted by littleredhouse
 - September 15, 2018, 20:07:02
Quote from: danielee0707 on September 15, 2018, 01:47:38
Why does notebookcheck report EVERYTHING about xps? So many articles are about xps. It seems this site is becoming xps fanboy site, just like many other sites for Apple.

Maybe because most other windows notebooks are crap  ::)?

There are rarly any serious MacBook competitions on the market...

I really hope, that Dell will update the XPS line soon.
Posted by TOTO____
 - September 15, 2018, 15:56:29
I really wish they would put in a 3:2 display or even a 16:10, especially on the precision 'business' model that has a screen optimized for media consumption instead of extra vertical space for documents, reading websites, etc... The big chin on the bottom of the screen is ridiculous.
Posted by Codrut Nistor
 - September 15, 2018, 13:08:07
@Harman: The guy in fact pointed out that he can't talk yet about upcoming products, but he did not say that the XPS 15 lineup is at the end of the road. It would have been over the top to assume that the next-gen will be foldable and will have a nuclear power supply, not that it will be thinner and will come next year.
@Um, no: I hear you. That's what I would like from a new laptop as well, among other things.
@Bill: I fully agree with you, except the part where you called the commentators dumb people. ;)
Posted by Bill
 - September 15, 2018, 10:55:57
All the commentators here are either working for Asus or plain dumb people.

The XPS 15, is in fact a reasonably priced MacBook alternative. Even if it is 1.5mm thicker.

I personally prefer light laptops, but still needs a powerhouse to run multiple VM's for development.
Show me one other laptop with a 6-core CPU and a discreet graphic card that weigh less than 4 pounds and cost less then 1400 USD.
for this matter the small size is just a bonus.

The XPS goes on sale pretty often on Dell website which reduce it's price even below 1400 USD
Posted by Harman
 - September 15, 2018, 10:25:08
What a useless article. The guy didn't answer any questions and the reporter made a whole load of assumptions.
Waste of time
Posted by Um, no
 - September 15, 2018, 05:35:17
Exactly what we DON'T need. What we NEED is better thermals that don't throttle under full CPU/GPU utilization. I don't think anyone was complaining that the XPS 15 wasn't thin enough.... Just fix the thermal throttling under full load so we can actually use what we paid for, great!
Posted by danielee0707
 - September 15, 2018, 04:54:46
Quote from: s-plus on September 15, 2018, 03:43:36
Lol, I was going to ask about the review for the i7 version before I read the last paragraph.

Hey guys in the comments, XPS 15 already has the biggest battery allowed, 97Wh. And it's in the media a lot because it's a very good laptop, it probably has the best balance of looks, features and power, and deserves all the attention! Simple as that.

Best balance = Best in Nothing. It's heavier than lg gram, cannot flip like spectre, weaker than aero15x, and has terrible keyboard because of it's pursuit of thinness. Those who buy xps are people who don't even know what they need. Simple as that.
Posted by sticky
 - September 15, 2018, 04:46:44
Airline carry capacity is restricted to 100 Wh per lithium-ion battery. Meaning technically OEMs could exceed this limit if they were to create a bridge-battery solution like Lenovo has done with its Thinkpad T5x0 series that went up to 120 Wh.

Hope Dell will see sense to offer a Full HD touch screen option and improve the microphone, speakers and webcam so that I can practically use Cortana for once and quit packing peripherals for every single trip.

This ridiculous race for thinness is against public interest and thus will only butcher their profits.