Author Topic: ASUS ROG Zephyrus S GX502GW (Core i7-9750H, RTX 2070) Laptop Review  (Read 2567 times)


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Ultrathin gaming laptops are currently on trend with the likes of Gigabyte, MSI and Razer leading the way. ASUS has now updated its GX502 series accordingly, but can its thin chassis handle a Core i7-9750H and a GeForce RTX 2070? Read on to find out.


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Those battery life numbers seem strange. Are you sure Optimus was enabled properly?


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LOL, they claim 8 hour battery life on their website.


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Do you have a release date or a small ballpark of when it's gonna come out?  Been meaning to get a new laptop for gaming and content work and this one's been in my eye for a while.


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So compared to the Razer Blade 15, the Zephyrus S runs a little hotter, even at idle. However, it also seems to maintain a higher multi core turbo of 3.2, which is 1.0GHz higher than the Razer Blade, which can barely maintain a turbo slightly higher than the base clock. The difference in the sustained turbo clock is larger than expected.


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Any latency issues? Did you run latencymon?

Aymeric Denis Orella

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Does anyone really cares about the battery life on this kind of notebook?
Buy a Max-q or a weaker gpu-cpu combo if you want battery life, seriously.

Now, if only this was 17 inches... gotta wait for the Scar3/Hero 3 I'm afraid...


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Are you sure that the battery life figures with Nvidia Optimus are correct ? As far as I know It requires a reboot after the setting has been changed

Please clarify at the earliest, my purchase of this laptop is dependent on your review !


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Hello, got this laptop, does anyone know about overheating for this CPU,mine got around 95-98 during witcher 3 ultra, fans working well, because if I close game, temperature immediately go down to 60 C. I know that max t for this CPU is 100 C, but still care about CPU, tried undervolt, but for this laptop you can undervolt -0,50V core voltage offset, it doesn't help a lot, any advises for reducing temperature for CPU?


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MY GX502GW died whilst playing Forza Horizon 4 for the first time, (I had owned it for 3 weeks) the laptop screen went black and didn’t come back on. After forcing a reboot several times the screen remained black not even flickering during reboot. I then hooked up a monitor which only displayed the bios screen. At this stage I worked out I had G-Sync enabled and the problem could be the RTX2070. I booted into safe mode and enabled Optimus and disabled the RTX2070. After reboot the laptop would get to the desktop successfully but only on the external display. Luckily Amazon will give me a full refund. But i'm pretty scared to buy another as I'm not sure the cooling is as good as the previous generation Zephyrus with the keyboard on the bottom of the chassis.


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I have just purchased this laptop. Seems to throttle a lot during some games. Also my SSD scores in Crystal was half as fast as the ones in this review. What is going on? How can my SSD be slower than the one used in this test? Its identical. 2 x 512gb Intel 660p in RAID?



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So turns out the model I got has a single 1TB 660p which means I can upgrade the spare m2 slot if needed and keep the current 1TB drive. I have had to send mine back as the CPU was reaching 97 degrees during gaming. I thought this was normal but ASUS assured me I should should send it in to get looked at. So after only a week of owning the laptop, I am now without it whilst it gets looked at. I will keep you updated.


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