Author Topic: Better late than never: Radeon Software updates will now include support for AMD Ryzen Mobile APUs  (Read 237 times)


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AMD has confirmed that it will be directly providing driver updates for its Ryzen Mobile APUs via Radeon Software updates. This is a welcome move from AMD as it had previously put the onus of providing APU driver updates on laptop OEMs. Hopefully, this will bring APU users on par with desktop GPU owners in getting access to timely day-zero game support, feature updates. and bug fixes.

michael Homan

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I'll believe it when I see it. AMD does NOT have a good record of support...


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Does it includes also AMD Ryzen Mobile processors with integrated Radeon Vega Graphics? Or just includes discrete graphics?


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Still waiting for those promised drivers....


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Ahahahahahahahaha, maybe one day but by that time I shall have ditched this useless HP Envy 15 that has consistently either crashed with default drivers and Davinci Resolve or BSOD whenever using botch driver setups using AMD Vega 8 Raven Ridge drivers!

I cannot wait to get back to discrete NVidia cards and drivers soon...


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