Author Topic: Eurocom P5 Pro Extreme (Clevo P750ZM) Notebook Review  (Read 2815 times)


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Desktop CPU with overclocking. No matter how powerful a laptop gets, the proper desktop will still outpace the portable solution. The Eurocom P5 Pro Extreme closes the gap by bringing home a full-fledged Core i7-4790K with overclocking and no compromises - This is a desktop in disguise.

No compromise...

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Re: Eurocom P5 Pro Extreme (Clevo P750ZM) Notebook Review
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2015, 09:42:23 »
I like the fact that this laptop makes no compromises with its desktop K CPU and a BIOS with many enthusiast manipulable settings - it's going against the modern trend in laptops, and I'm pleased to see it!  I do think performance would have been better with the same awesome over the top cooling system, but instead mated up to a K mobile CPU - which would allow for significant overclocking without loads of heat, but this would have probably increased the prices of the laptop even more.  I like what Eurocom are doing with this laptop, with it's enthusiast 'unlocked' leanings, and if I was to buy this laptop I'd get the 1080p version, 4K is too much for the performance of a mobile gaming platform.


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Re: Eurocom P5 Pro Extreme (Clevo P750ZM) Notebook Review
« Reply #2 on: March 13, 2015, 22:01:51 »
Did you tested the version with  the 17,3 AU Optronics 90%  gamut display too? Is it good enough for professional users?

Nico edwards

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Re: Eurocom P5 Pro Extreme (Clevo P750ZM) Notebook Review
« Reply #3 on: February 11, 2016, 20:31:46 »
A word of warning about Eurocom

I purchased a Eurocom X3 for $5,000 (order #091188) from Eurocom in sept 2013. The computer never worked right, would restart randomly, and sometimes not start up at all, just going to a black screen and would need to be manually turned off and restarted. That was not the really bad part. The bad part was when it started restarting after 1 hour of use or less and the keyboard and trackpad would just stop working half the time. I shipped it to them in Jan 2015 for this problem. They could not find anything wrong with it, but they replaced the keyboard and sent it back to me. They must have done something, because it sort of worked half way decent for a couple months, before doing the whole thing again. I sent it back to them again and they replaced the motherboard and keyboard again. This time they acknowledged that something was very wrong with the computer, but this was their response:

“there is a issue with WIndows 10, If you allow any windows updates to be installed on the system, it does something, and causes a large delay in the keyboard functionality, and the trackpad may or may not work.
There is no “official" support for Windows 10 on this system, but I have never encountered this before, nor do I have any ideas on a solution.”

Kevin Honeyman <[email protected]>

Than they shipped it back to me, still broken. It continues to restart all the time, even in windows 8, which it is stuck in forever.

Soooo, my 2 year old computer, still under warranty, is not supported any longer and will be forever stuck in windows 8. Awesome company. I would have been better served by burning the $5,000 and saving the time and $300 it took to ship the “under warranty” computer to them twice so they could tell me this.

Save your time and money and go with a reputable company, that stands by their products, fixes what is under warranty, and doesn't take weeks to respond to your customer service inquiries, if ever.


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