Author Topic: Review Asus Fonepad Note FHD 6 Smartphone  (Read 1604 times)


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Review Asus Fonepad Note FHD 6 Smartphone
« on: November 07, 2013, 08:09:40 »
Little stylus giant. Fonepad goes smartphone. Everyone is making their smartphones bigger. Asus shrinks its Fonepad and turns its 7 inch tablet with telephone function into an ultramodern, 6 inch phablet with Full HD based on Intel's platform. Its contender is Samsung's Galaxy Note 2. It's 1:0 for Asus in terms of price.


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Re: Review Asus Fonepad Note FHD 6 Smartphone
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2014, 17:40:41 »
I bought the fonepad Note 6. It looked good in the shop. When I got it home I found that the fonepad uses an Intel Atom processor which won't run Flash. After I updated the fonepad firmware the Dolphin browser crashed every time on start-up. I've also read that Asus doesn't allow users to unlock the bootloader. Asus also actively discourages rooting. Users that had managed to root their fonepads find that OTA updates don't work and apps crash.

I bought the fonepad because I like the 6" screen size. The screen is also very good quality and the speakers sound good. The build quality, stylus and some good included Asus apps are pros as well. Unfortunately, I need Flash and Dolphin is my preferred browser. If I had done more research I wouldn't have bought this.


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