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Review Clevo P570WM Barebones Notebook
« am: November 30, 2012, 06:56:26 »
Behemoth. Schenker's XMG U702 is definitely not an ordinary laptop. Featuring a desktop processor, two high-end graphics cards and three hard disks, the 17 inch giant outperforms most gaming PCs. We took a closer look at the whopper. Can the U702 also score in other things than pure performance?


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Re: Review Clevo P570WM Barebones Notebook
« Antwort #1 am: Januar 04, 2013, 02:37:10 »
does not stand a chance against GT70..of course..they got Dynaudio in their back lol


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Re: Review Clevo P570WM Barebones Notebook
« Antwort #2 am: Juli 15, 2013, 08:31:28 »
^ GT70 has some really nice overheating issues due to the fact that they have 1 fan cooling both the CPU and GPU.

So yeah, i'd say this stands a HUGE chance and would actually beat the GT70 hands down for performance. Aesthetics however is a different story.


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Re: Review Clevo P570WM Barebones Notebook
« Antwort #3 am: Dezember 25, 2014, 22:01:39 »
I had a Clevo PW 570 for a year. Performance wise it was fine because the large casing allows to stick a lot of hardware into it. It run with a 3rd generation 4 core i7 processor. 4 cooling fans are inside that Clevo box. Due to the unbearable high noise at all times (necessary to remove all that heat from this high performance machine) it was mostly sitting there, unused. Lesson learned: highest performance and laptop form factor just does not work well together. I liked the performance (advanced audio processing) but the drawback of the noise was just too much for me and wearing headphones all the time wasn't my thing either. So, after a year or so of barely using it I took just some parts from it for a new and totally silent mini tower.


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Re: Review Clevo P570WM Barebones Notebook
« Antwort #4 am: Februar 16, 2015, 20:45:14 »
I have a XIRIOS W712 ( P570WM ) with a hex-core Xeon. It was noisy as hell (not the kind of computer you can have in a shared office, so to speak).

I updated the BIOS and the EC with the latest ones for the XMG U702 (which is also a P570WM ) that you can get from the MySN website. Next I removed the dust from all the fans with a vacuum cleaner. Then I switched from the MATE desktop environment to LXQT (which is supposed to use more RAM but less CPU and GPU resources).

Now for normal use it is not annoying anymore. You can surf the web and edit your texts without noticing the fan noise (unless you really pay attention to it). I have not yet tested it under heavy CPU load...


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