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BYD beats Tesla to become the world's largest EV maker as buyers flock to cheaper electric cars

Started by Redaktion, January 03, 2023, 18:58:24

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Tesla shipped about 30% less electric cars than its biggest competitor last year, and there is now a new king on the EV block. The Warren Buffett-backed BYD delivered 1.83 EVs in 2022, riding on the wings of customers looking for cheaper electric vehicles that are nevertheless direct Tesla model competitors when it comes to specs or craftsmanship.

David Radzieta

We love our Nissan Leaf EVs. Starting around $20k after tax credits for the 150 mile version.  You can order online and pick it up in a couple months or check online inventories. Similar in size to the Altima but a lot more solid and secure.

The Leaf isn't the fastest charging or longest range EV but it is the safest EV in America.  Zero fires and only 1 fatality in 12 years.  The only EV in America using the NMC532 AG million mile battery formula.  The 5 year least expensive EV to own according to KBB, actually one of the least expensive vehicles period. Very reliable family car, second car and commuter vehicle.  If you have more than one car one should be an economical EV like a Leaf.

We love it. Just plug it in every 3 or 4 days and it is ready to go overnight.


Only if you count hybrids.
Tesla produces twice as many BEV's as BYD and it makes much more profit on every sale. BYD doesn't make a profit from its BEV sales, only the hybrids.



Tesla is also not as popular as it's scamming everyone and making greenwashing now too. Do not buy a Tesla unless you hate the planet. BYD is better because it is actualy trying to help the planet and let low income consumers buy their cars.


Are they any safer than Tesla cars which have an NCAP of 5? Does BYD profit from the EV cars they sell? Thinking long term sustainability... is the technology proven long term? I guess not,for one thing Tesla have been developing their EV vehicles for over 10 years, which means they are definitely ahead of the game... a totally not properly researched and biased article.


You know you're reading a second-rate organization when the very first sentence, apparently written by a journalist, has an error.

"...30% [fewer] vehicles..." I feel like a journalist should know the difference.


Teslas are still far more green than ICE vehicles. Stop propagating this disproved nonsense. 🙄
Quote from: Alexh on January 05, 2023, 01:58:02Tesla is also not as popular as it's scamming everyone and making greenwashing now too. Do not buy a Tesla unless you hate the planet. BYD is better because it is actualy trying to help the planet and let low income consumers buy their cars.

John Hardy

Hello, can you please fix your incorrect information? Byd only sold ~900k EVs. Tesla sold ~1.3M or nearly 50% more EVs than BYD in 2022. BYD sells mainly hybrid polluting ice vehicles. How can you write this misinformation? Are you paidc to spread lies? I'd appreciate a reply back but I doubt you will knowing probably wrote this know the information was incorrect and just wanted views.


Once again, democrats worked for China. The entire media is now in war against musk and Tesla. Good job, haters of America and flag birners!

Mo Talaat

This is likely some Tesla short inspired article.   Click bait misinformed title!

Tesla sold over 1.3M EVs and BYD 900K EVs, the numbers you mentioned include hybrids which is the worst of both worlds from a maintenance and performance perspective. 

Also, Tesla makes more money per vehicle given it's overall superior specs.  Once the Model 2 hits under 25K it will gobble up a massive chunks of the cheaper Chinese EVs.

I love BYD cars and believe they will be a massive global success, but such cheaply titles articles shuts me off from the site and the writer!


All your expectations are compromised believing EV's is your answer to comparable standards of practicality. Plus placing a single reliance on a faltering electrical infatructure system equates to failure when you need that resource the most. More emphasis should be put towards other alternatives rather than just one single resource.  Hydrogen alternatives through green ammonia, alge and other conversion processes must be considered, supported and invested into. Otherwise you can throw both reliability and practicality out the window and keep believing in your pipe dream.


Funny how soon as Elon Musk started to show any kind of political side to him now you start to see all of these articles about so called EV companies knocking Tesla off the top spot when I see more cars on the road then Tesla then you can claim you knock them out of the spot

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