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Author Topic: Huawei's dishonesty continues as it argues that people who call HarmonyOS an Android skin have no idea about software, despite admitting that its OS runs on AOSP  (Read 2449 times)


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Huawei has come out swinging in response to criticism that the smartphone version of HarmonyOS is nothing more than a re-branded EMUI. According to reports, Huawei asserts that people do not have an 'understanding of open-source software' if they believe such things. However, in doing so, Huawei has confirmed that HarmonyOS is not the brand-new OS that it wants us to believe it is.


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The English is definitely broken, but "By projecting the source code of AOSP as the base of Hongmeng OS..., " sounds more like a deny of using AOSP as base.


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This current statement is even more confusing than what Ars previously uncovered.
1. What does "project" even mean in that sentence?
2. People are not criticizing a "change" of "skin", because it's the exact same "skin" (EMUI), it's that Hongmeng still remains indiscernible from Android underneath the skin.
I don't think this guy is serious in trying to dispel confusion surrounding the OS, he's still saying it to please the fanboys who will believe Huawei no matter what it claims.

Clifford Setyono

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During the launch of Harmony OS, Huawei did mention that it's compatible with most android apps, so it's not surprising that Harmony OS contains android codes. Having said that it's still in beta. By the time it becomes version 3.0, I think there will be more new features that are uniquely Harmony os.


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They are not being dishonest, but rather "on brand" -- Huawei's well known brand. They are so used to talking down to people that have gotten immune to their ridicule.

Paulo Braga

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Fahrenheitland declared localized war on China because the country invaded a territory the "land of the free, home of the brave (and Trump)" believes its theirs: technogical superiority.
China is on the defensive, and it's War - the first casualty is the Truth.
Chinese companies are... dishonest - maybe; Boeing is not a Chinese company and is it honest? Is it?


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This article is seriously badly written. The author keeps saying EMUI when they actually mean Android.


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This article is seriously badly written. The author keeps saying EMUI when they actually mean Android.
That's the whole point dude! Why is EMUI officially recognized as Android, by this skinned fork of AOSP is now the greatest best thing that Huawei invented? I mean, it's pretty clear that at this point this brand new OS is nothing more than EMUI AOSP.


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I just found out that people keep calling it a rebranded Android IGNORING the fact that the HarmonyOS USES LiteOS kernel INSTEAD of Linux kernel.
Just like typical Linux distribution, making use of the GNU userland doesn't make it a GNU OS.
OpenIndiana and tens of other OSes also make use of it, and we don't call them typical Linux distributions.


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Windows Mobile existed long before Android and was a successful operation system at the time. The authors are confusing that with Windows Phone.

Alex Alderson

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Windows Mobile existed long before Android and was a successful operation system at the time. The authors are confusing that with Windows Phone.

No, not confused. Writing Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7/8 and Windows 10 Mobile seemed superfluous there.

Clearly, you knew what I meant by Windows Mobile, so it served its purpose.

Steven Benson

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I don't think it's dishonesty at all. The android platforms is relatively the same in functionality.

How else can one open (settings) or go to (wifi) in your phone? Ofc it would look similar. You're not going to create unnecessary extra vocabulary just to make it completely different.

The difference is that Harmony has a faster processing speed for the same functions and that can only be seen under the bonnet.

Steven Benson

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And also lastly it's pretty arbitrary to call it dishonest because it's not 100 percent different. By that logic, windows and android are not completely different from each other as they share certain things that would make them roughly 60 percent different.

Harmony developed an entirely new microkernel for its futuristic operating system. That's what sets it apart from Android. It's theoretically faster than Android. Its microkernel offers up to 5-times faster IPC than Fuchsia and up to three times faster than the QNX microkernel. So can outperform Android on the fact that Android uses a lot of redundant code, via an outdated scheduling mechanism and still has fragmentation issues.


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haha, another attempt to discredit huawei. talking about dishonesty! hmmmmmm, whose brand name associated with that word? without dishonest political  pressure on huawei, they'd be on top of the list cell phone manufacturer, everyone knows that.  At this Era of highway information, the brainwashing tactic like this writing only work on average sheep.

Alex Angilinwago

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dishonesty? it's such a strong word, your personal bias and prejudice are showing up all over your article, i don't think you are fit to write/publish/edit anything if you can't look at things without political agenda.


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