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Will a GTX 1050Ti work in a Dell Inspiron 3670?
« am: Juli 01, 2019, 11:33:19 »
Hey all I not long got a Inspiron 3670 as a gift. My 10 year old PC was starting to show it's aged and someone got me a new PC for my birthday. Thinking it would work I took my 4 year old EVGA 600w PSU and GTX 970 out of my old PC and put them in the new. I got a 24pin to 8pin cable for the PSU. It work fine for the first 2 days but yetserday morning my 600w PSU give out. I'm not sure if it died because of the motherboard, the cable, or just it's aged. It was also running outside the case because it didn't fit in the case. So I was made to go back the 290w PSU and build in video card. Currently I can't play final fantasy XIV at all with this setup. My friends help me order a GTX 1050 Ti since it uses less power than the 970 I had. I was just wondering if I should be okay with the 290w PSU? I been reading I should be ok and said the 1050 Ti is compatible with the Inspiron 3670.

The specs of the Dell PC: Intel i5 8400 12GB Ram 1tb HD 290w PSU


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