Autor Thema: Asus now shipping ZenBook UX333/433/533 series with narrow bezels on all four sides  (Gelesen 775 mal)


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The new design language allows for a screen-to-body ratio as high as 95 percent without sacrificing the original positioning of the webcam. The new series will carry Whiskey Lake Core i5-8265U or i7-8565U options with a starting price of $850 USD for the 13.3-inch model.


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Does the 14 inch or 15 inch versions support external monitors of 4k 60Hz? I suspect HDMI will be 1.4 so that supports 4k at only 30Hz.
What about USB type-C gen 2? It still doesn't have a Thunderbolt.


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Asus = looks bad on paper, worse irl, no stores available, non-existant service.
Lenovo and Dell have always been the only ones on my radar.

Although the Zenfone Max Pro is one of the best phones I had, and the new ROG gaming phone seems interesting. Go figure.


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So excited for this.
I'm wating for your review of the 15 inch.

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wow. finally. now give me more than 60hz please. 15 years of that is enough. and a some 16/10 or4/3 or 5/4. small screen+widescreen=the worst option for surfing and work, you know? but somehow this is the only option.

Marty Despot

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Wow! This device is beautiful! And not very expensive too! I am not very fond of Asus, I have a tablet of theirs that turned out to be quite buggy, but this is a really neat design  :)


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Isn't the hinge mechanism the opposite of ergonomic?

For best ergonomic the keyboard is supposed to slope down and away from the user (for least wrist stress), and the display should be moved higher up away from the keyboard so you are looking down quite as much.

ASUS's new hinge mechanism does the opposite on both counts.


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Asus have always muddled up their launches, a few laptops on my radar from them this year went MIA. Who knows if we will see these models in the next 2 months. I'm not happy i have to go up from 14 to 15 to get a 1050 model but oh well..


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It looks like Asus only managed to get the power plug on the proper left side for the 15" version.   Just as well, as that is the one I'd be interested in.   Matte screen, (touch is useless), proper low power ddr3, no forced numpad addition to mess up the keyboard. Not a fan of the hinge though.  Kind of like it. 

However, why does the non-GPU version of the 15" model weigh so much compared to the 14" non-GPU version?   50% more for an extra inch or so?

If Acer had a matte screen with their (to be released 2,3 4,5,6,7,8? months after it is announced!!) Swift 5, 15" version, I'd be all over their version, mostly because it weighs as much as this new Zenbook 13" model.


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Such screen-to-body ratio is strange with a 16/9 screen. I assume this score is obtained once the keyboard is lifted. Nice trick but still a 16/9 screen  >:(


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