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The better and cheaper X1. The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon G6 has joined its WQHD HDR and Core i7 equipped sibling in our offices for review. The G6 is the entry-level model of current touchscreen-equipped Carbon X1 devices. The G6 is free from the thermal issues from which its sibling suffered thanks to its less powerful CPU, but this comes at a cost to the WQHD HDR display. Despite this drawback, the G6 provides a more rounded overall experience than its more expensive sibling.


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So the FHD(~1500:1) screen on the X1C6 is indeed better than WQHD(~700:1) on T480 and T480s.

What a shame Lenovo only delivers decent screens to X1 and P series while deliberately glossing over everything else.


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Thanks for the comprehensive review.
I guess I'm not understanding something - in Temperature, the schematics shows 40.7C and 41.6C max temps, but in the images just below, the temps are shown are much higher (~52C)?


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So the FHD(~1500:1) screen on the X1C6 is indeed better than WQHD(~700:1) on T480 and T480s.

Yes, that's Lenovo. No good screen option all the time.

Bob Mcgee

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Hey, there's a surprisingly large difference in the multi-core performance under sustained load between this and the high-end configuration.

Would it be possible to add the clock speed, CPU temperature, and TDP under the later Cinebench R15 scores to see if there's been a change in power management settings?  Maybe Lenovo modified something in a BIOS update or is configuring power management differently? 

Thanks / danke!

Andrii Mazur

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Are you an insane reviewer?  >:D Could 280 nits brightness be judged as bright display in 2018?  Look at MacBook Pro with 500 nits. The display of this carbon piece is the dark side of the moon in 2018. The author balls are bought by Lenovo!!!  >:(


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Andrii Mazur,
That's a stupid comment, and you clearly didn't read the review properly. It comments that the display has a High Brightness Uniformity, not that it is actually Bright.


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I have this laptop (gen6, i7, 1440p display) and something that is not mentioned is that the ethernet and the adjacent usb-c port are not usable at the same time because they are too close together. Using the correct Ethernet dongle from lenovo completely crowds out the usb-c/thunderbolt port. Given the empty space in the casement next to these two ports, it looks to me like they weren't planned to be that close, but ended up that way somehow on the mainboard. pretty poor design for a flagship in my opinion. The laptop is a great unit otherwise, but people should be aware of this limitation. I believe it is also present on similar models like the x280


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