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State of the Art. Lenovo's new, classy (and expensive) convertible from the ThinkPad business series has amped up its hardware. Of course, one of the highlights is the HDR-capable Dolby Vision display, but the up-to-date port selection also puts the device in a great position. The manufacturer has made (almost) no mistakes - we only found one little point of criticism towards the end of the test.


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Thanks for this review !

But does the X1 Yoga has a microSD or a "full" SD card reader ?


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> As it is a touchscreen, the display is reflective.

Sounds stupid as there are plenty examples of matte touch screens


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What a sucker! My smartphone has greater resolution than this piece of ass. Add 4k display, keep this level of max brightness and it will be the best notebook in the world. I promise, I will buy it  for USD 2000. Lenovo, lazy hands, go to work!


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The screen alone surpasses Retina at certain parameters, at least on paper. Battery could've been better thought. I mean, there is plenty of room in there if you open it, just make the notebook little more flat, without those sharp angles on the edges. I can live with square notebook. Apple has it and nobody complains. Seriously, you've managed to put 70 Wh battery in your Yoga 920 with almost the same dimensions. And two fans, by the way. Some cooling, huh?

And yet, those little flaws don't diminish it's value. It's a great and classy machine. Awesome keyboard, display, build quality and touch screen (hello, illustrators who need god-like keyboard, ports and LTE). Damn, I'm getting myself one.


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Thank you for the review!
You write that the ram is 2 x 8gb (I suppose that in dual channel?).
A Lenovo representative told me it's 1 x 16gb.
Do you have any way to check the truth?

Btw, would 16gb (either in one slot or in 2x8) consume more battery than the 8gb configuration?

Would I have noticeably more battery life with the i5 over the i7?
The problem would be that in Australia to have 16gb i need configure it with i5-8350 or i7-8550. The former having vPro, which I consider not only useless but potentially dangerous.
Can I effectively disable vPro without any chance of an hacker to reactivate it somehow?


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1. The ram runs on dual channel.
2. More ram sips more power but not enough to notice less battery life.
3. On laptops i5 and i7 U-series CPUs show no difference in battery life whereas with H-series i5 is a bit more efficient than i7.
4. vPro can be disabled however frankly it is too much of a hassle.


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1. The ram runs on dual channel.
I don't see anywhere else a mention to 2x8gb, and in the pictures and videos I've only seen one ram module.
Lenovo says it's one module.
Where do you get the info about 2x8?

Btw I don't understand why the dual channel thing is not anymore so common. Years ago it was a must. I can understand when it's not soldered, they may want to put one module of 8 instead of 2 of 4, so it's easier to upgrade, but when it's soldered and you cannot upgrade, why on Earth don't they put 2 modules in dual channel? Is the advantage of dual channel now considered myth?


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