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Periodic throttling. The Notebook 9 NP900X5T would have been a powerhouse of an Ultrabook if it weren't for its intolerable throttling when gaming.


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Same old ignorance on chassis durability like any other hardware review.
flexible chassis =/= weak, rigid chassis =/= durable.

2018 LG Gram 15 torture test

2018 Samsung Notebook 9 Pen 13 torture test


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Yes, exactly the same ignorance shown by most reviewers that do no stress tests on these laptops. Even the 2017 LG Gram passed without any serious damage some stress tests (like a scooter running over it) that would have destroyed any thinkpad (precisely thanks to a flexible but durable chassis).


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I found the same 74C CPU and 64C GPU limit in my first tests yesterday. This caused a lot of frustration, with the crazy dips in frame rate being unbearable. However, as long as Samsung Settings is still installed, you should be able to press FN+Q to enable max performance mode. This either raises the limits to 85ish CPU 75ish GPU or removes them completely. I had much better performance and no frequency/frame drops after enabling this. I've only tested performance mode while both the CPU and GPU were undervolted. They were also undervolted in my tests prior to finding performance mode.


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This or the Xiaomi Notebook Pro ?  Based on price, I'd think the Xiaomi based on interior pics and tests ?  It seems like the Xiaomi runs better under load too, on default settings.


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Yeah, press FN + Q, and you will be free. Not sure about the minor clock throttling after that, but I can play games without hassle.

I think it is a smart move since the fan speed limit (=noise) & battery life changes. I had problems with lightweight gaming laptops like MSI GS60 series that goes way too noisy to use it in the quiet study room in the library even if I am just doing light coding. (I found a way to control fan settings using the app for GS63VR, but it took years to come out)


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