Autor Thema: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X is 50% faster than Intel's direct competitor – the i9-7900X  (Gelesen 634 mal)


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Information on pricing and availability for two enthusiast Ryzen Threadripper CPUs, as well as for two of the entry-level Ryzen 3 CPUs were presented in AMD's latest product update video, along with some Cinebench R15 benchmark results that depict the Threadripper models as clear winners against Intel's direct competitors.


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I think the 1950X direct competitor was the i9 7980XE...


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Well in terms of price, they're in roughly the same ballpark


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About time AMD!
This is really great news for us - end consumers. Finally some competition in PC market, will bring big performance increase and lower prices.


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I think the 1950X direct competitor was the i9 7980XE...

No the direct competitor of the chip that Intel has currently available is the 1950X. Intel's super high-end 16-core chip doesn't exist in a consumer flavor yet, and even then it's going to offer likely better performance, at a staggeringly higher premium. There's almost no point in comparing the two.

Intel, at this point, is known to those of us as the popular guy who flaunts himself to every possible facet of society and does nothing but provide the highest possible quality "services" to everyone for exorbitant prices because there's no one else to compete with. Well... now that AMD guy came back and is offering pretty much the same "services" at prices that so far undercut his competition, they might as well be catering to a completely different market.

No one in their right mind would EVER conceivably go for a 10-core/20-thread CPU for $1000 when the competitor processor offers another 60% higher core/thread count at the same price. This isn't another "I have more cores" debate anymore. The processors are within 10% of each other at the same clock speeds, the tests have been done. There is no better option than this chip if you are going for that one PC to do everything on.


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