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Analysis: Qualcomm puts Intel in panic mode and superstar Jensen lets Moore's Law die

Started by Redaktion, June 10, 2024, 16:17:03

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It was an eventful Computex Taipei indeed. Intel visibly on the defensive and a little stubborn, Qualcomm omnipresent and Nvidia's superstar Jensen was everywhere to begin with. Far-reaching changes are on the horizon and the buzzword AI may even really reach maturity.


Analysis ???
Sounds more like someone paid you to promote Nvidia and bash Intel.

And what nonsense is this website allowing themselves to be exposed to SEC and the regulators in their own country to be exposed to sanctions and huge penalties just for a few bucks.

God save this world from such "Analysts" (pedigree of having been a glorified system admin for a few years).


While I'm not a FanBoi of ANY company, taking pot shots at Intel and Microsoft seems to be a popular sport. :)

Surely we all grown tired of team Blue's "just wait for xxxx" marketing which always seems to deliver a bit to little and to late.

I'm ever hopeful that Snapdragon X actually does deliver and cheer on finally having some real competition in the market place.

It is about time!

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