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Climate change deniers on YouTube change their minds: New disinformation campaigns reap high profits

Started by Redaktion, February 11, 2024, 18:53:41

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Wild claims about climate change are piling up on social media sites such as YouTube, and the platform is making a fortune out of disinformation campaigns. Now, in a major study, scientists have found that the old views of "climate deniers" have changed drastically, and they see a worrying trend.


All of these fancy important topics occupy so much space on the internet it makes them just one more noise source that I couldnt care less about. It is like inflation, war or anything else - too much of the same to care.

It is not Notebookcheck anymore
It is IWannaPostMyOpinioCheck

Go get a personal blog

Anti-propaganda man

Don't go down this route Notebookcheck.

For the skeptical enquirer I would recommend the following 'disinformation'. You can find good interviews with each on Youtube or Odyssey:

  • Steve Koonin, author of 'Unsettled: What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn't, and Why It Matters'
  • Tom Harris, International Climate Science Coalition
  • Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace.
  • Prof. William Happer, chair of the CO2 coalition.
  • Also, Heartland Institute annual climate conferences. Large and well-attended with many presentations.


Probably because climate alarmists lies shifted first over years, "ozone hole"->"global warming"->"climate change".

So yeah, fake article overall, based on false causality.


Quote from: TheLowHangingFruit on February 11, 2024, 19:34:44All of these fancy important topics occupy so much space on the internet it makes them just one more noise source that I couldnt care less about. It is like inflation, war or anything else - too much of the same to care.
Yep, but that's how you spread agenda by simply spamming the same thing as often as possible wherever you can. It makes you think how despite all those efforts and "efforts" to make everything green blablabla we still keep hearing how everything is more and more polluted, how icebergs in water are melting so oceans and seas across the world will rise (do a simple test - pop an ice cube in glass of water and let it melt - no, that water won't go out of that glass), how we all must use EVs to save the planet...

This, in short:

Climate change exist for about 2.8 billion years since our planet have anything to call climate in any form. Yet now we want to fully stop it (not even slow it down but stop it altogether). Lol.


I for one semi-believe the climate has become un-pattern or changes occasionally, but not very huge or severe as it's being portrayed...I recollect an video where a research was demonstrating by a map in a few years what was going to happen to the ozone layer or something like that.I semi-believe space has been ventured into too...*coughs * I'm a novice flat-earther * coughs* ...*leaves phone on table to wear a hat made of tin foil*


Papsy google translate from Italian the XXXIX Chapter of Pensieri by Giacomo Leopardi.
It was written in 1854 and it is available online.

This is a part of it (my corrections):
" Magalotti's contemporaries, who wrote in his Familiar Letters: 'It is certain that the ancient order of the seasons seems to be perverting. Here in Italy it is a common rumour and complaint that there are no more half-times; and in this loss of boundaries, there is no doubt that the cold is gaining ground. I heard my father say that in his youth, in Rome, on Easter morning of the resurrection, everyone was dressed as a state(Summer). Now those who do not need to put on their shirts(camiciuola=jumper), I can tell you that they take great care not to lighten the slightest thing of those they wore in the heart of winter'.

This was written by Magalotti in 1683...."



Wow, so many climate change deniers in the comments! And this kinda perfectly validates the article with the points from commenters. It is super weird how all the climate deniers tropes are parroted in these comments. Makes one think that indeed these are just bots configured to spam posts in this general direction:
I am disappointed with {enter site name} for posting this climate change article and this will make people not got to this {site}/alienate readers
Reference climate denier book/organization where the truth is written where the scientist complaints that science community is hiding the truth and only he speaks the truth.
Someone referencing some publication from hundreds of years ago where a climate change is mentioned as a point that climate was changing and it is nothing new what we are experiencing in our times.
Someone mentioning ice cubes melting not increasing the ocean level as if landlocked is does not exist.
And just generally calling climate change articles propaganda/agenda/alarmist and all the other scary words imaginable.

Just seems like a campaign to drown the comments with useless soundbites that try to discredit any climate change research.

it's not me

A lot of disinformation is actually just people's opinions, and should be treated as such, even so called experts are all biased or self interested these days, pretty much anything can be skewed to look like anything these days

I've also noticed a sharp rise in self importance and narcissism since the advent of social media - observations.....

As for climate change, it is happening and it is a natural process as the Earth goes from ice age to ice age, but, we are probably speeding it up, anyone who denies this is either blind, naive, or a bit thick.

There are well known cycles that are known to cause the Earth's ice ages, and the Earth has been hotter than it is now many times, but that doesn't mean that we aren't having an affect.

The effect of greenhouse gases is easy to simulate and measure so again, I would say anyone who can't understand this needs to read more.

All planetary systems do rely on equilibriam and it doesn't take much to start something that is irreversible, so be very careful is my advice, do try to reduce your consumption and carbon output.

Humans are not very intelligent, choosing to destroy one's own environment, food sources, water sources etc, in the name of short term financial gain is a carbuncle i'm afraid, and this can only be resolved with a form socialism/communism, but implemented in a way that it has not been in the past.

Personal gratification, ego, and the selfish pursuit of personal wealth will inevitably be our undoing otherwise.


Climate on planet Earth have been changing for ages, nature is a self-regulating system, we can't stop it or "fix" it or change it. Humanity is too small of a factor to turn Earth into a barren wasteland, planet has seen much much worse and is still here.


"Big" youtuber profits? Seriously? How about profits to China for manufacturing over 70% of all solar panels? I wonder who the climate business benefits?


QuoteWow, so many climate change deniers

Above we have an example of an hate post.

Climate always have been changing,

I can ask you or any scientist what made past Climate changes and quantify that and you and they cannot answer.

I can ask you or any scientist about the energy quantity that the sun and other natural systems - vulcanic etc - went to earth climate system into last 20 years and you and they cannot answer.

I can ask you or any scientist what made the giant European drought of 1539-40's and you and they cannot answer.

I can ask you and scientists about changes in cloud cover in last 1000 years and you and they cannot answer that.

I am afraid you are a "presentist" person instead of being an "old soul". Try to read history of climate.

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