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HP EliteBook 835 G9 review: Powerful business notebook with bright screen and great keyboard

Started by Redaktion, January 15, 2023, 11:23:25

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The EliteBook scores with a powerful, energy-efficient Rembrandt APU, USB 4, LTE modem and very good battery runtimes. HP installs a very bright 13.3-inch screen in the work-friendly 16:10 format (1,920 x 1,200) along with an optional privacy filter.


I will never believe in high battery autonomy with such hardware and such a small battery, despite the declared super results.

A completely meaningless model is already at the start of sales in 2022. Nobody needs it without 32GB. No USB40 is a verdict. Everything else doesn't matter...


1 year after officially launching, AMD 6000 mobile finally feels more widely available. The past holiday laptop deals were all Intel AlderLake and AMD 5000 mobile, with very few AMD 6000 mostly in higher priced gaming laptops paired with dGPU. I think that has to be the longest paper launch ever, which is ashame because a lot of thin and light laptops could benefit from the strong iGPU.

Fortunately for AMD, AlderLake's successor is just a rehash of AlderLake, so laptops like this HP 835 aren't already outdated at launch.


AMD cynically agreed to support the AV1 decoder, USB40 and HDMI 2.1/DP2.0 in the Zen3+ U/H series. USB40 can be added there only with an external discrete controller.

That's why we don't need Zen3+! We, consumers, already want Zen4 here and now. In january 2023, not January 2024!

Intel has also fooled everyone since 2021 with the Alder Lake U/P series, so it's only been a month since retailers got wide access to these solutions. But so far there is not a single sane 15.6-16 "model with them on the market at a sane price, with a normal full-fledged keyboard and 100% sRGB and power either behind or on the side of the usual angled plug, and not an idiotic protruding to the side and easily breakable usb- c. And TB4 ports, HDMI 2.1 48Gbps and DP2.0 80Gbps.

Their marketers have long since become liars. Both companies now release "paper" series a year ahead, and then, a year later, they begin to mass-produce them, when marketers rub the next "paper" series to the mass public.

It's time for them to learn the past again - at the time of the announcement of the series, all warehouses should already be filled with laptops from this series, and not last year's!


"and great keyboard" -> You call a keyboard with crippled arrow keys, a power button placed between backspace/del/home/end, some missing keys (like INS, pause/break) a "great keyboard"?
Oh come on notebookcheck ... they do not deserve any praise on that bull**it.

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