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AMD Ryzen 7 5825U debut: HP Envy x360 15 2022 convertible review

Started by Redaktion, September 29, 2022, 19:35:41

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The 2022 Envy x360 15 may look a lot like the 2021 model, but all the under-the-hood upgrades help make it a much better system. Users are getting additional ports, a higher resolution webcam, a faster Zen 3 processor, and more.


Again, a terrible tuning of RAM, although even the installed config is like from a madhouse - 8+4...

Absolutely lousy screen. It seems that I don't want to look further, despite the set of cool ports...but then the miracle begins...suddenly, the processor gives out just a f*cking(super) level of performance (37W PL1), but the miracles do not end there ... already seeing such a level, I figure that it will be quite noisy there, but what do I see in the end? Just an awesomely quiet cooling system while consuming as much as 46W! 
Just like today, the same "miracle" happened with the Thinkpad Z16, where it is quiet even at 65W consumption! But then a question arises for other testing modes - how in "Witcher 3" mode with consumption LOWER than in load average, with only 41W vs 46W, the noise, on the contrary, becomes monstrous 43dB(A)?!

Today does not seem to be the first of April, the day of fools, but I would still like to get an explanation from the authors, as it is also physically possible. Is this a review paid by the manufacturer or a "random" mistake? You must understand that the data for consumption vs noise are physically impossible with "measured" data for for another modes, right?


I am afraid there is no simple correlation between consumption and noise but it also depends on how (badly) each fan mode is implemented in the UEFI.



I cannot understand WHY manufacturers like HP and Lenovo continue slap such dim, subpar screens into 2-in-1 devices. The target audiences for these are supposedly artists/creatives and business people showing demos and presentations, right? These are people who need bright screens and/or accurate color representation, for Pete's sake! Want to upgrade? Well, this year the only option you'll get is a gimmicky OLED guaranteed to halve the battery life, all but chaining you to an outlet.

I always hate buying a new laptop, but this year has an especially awful lineup. There's literally nothing with the specs and performance I want.


Quote from: IndexingAlex on October 06, 2022, 23:32:26this year has an especially awful lineup. There's literally nothing with the specs and performance I want.

Consider yourself lucky to have been waiting for only one year so far! I have been waiting for 2.5 years now despite only having a few essentials: at least RTX 3070, at most 43 dB, at least 32GB RAM, at least 16:10, no PWM, ordinarily sized arrow keys, dedicated PageUp, PageDown, Home, End keys. Among the three closest candidates, one is too loud, one only has 16GB, one has 16:9 (not to mention their keyboards).

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