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Hello, dear community.


I've been dealing with an issue that quite annoying every time I used Photoshop for retouching, the workspace has subtle but noticeable screen flickering. I did try to record a video that could identify the flickering but it's easier to see with bare eyes but can not post cause by low post count on this site.

That made me distracted a lot so I search over the internet forums from Dell's to the Nvidia community and try to fix that but nothing help. There're several users who also have the same experience from other laptop brands that used RTX 2060 Max-Q GPU even for years but have no update to fix the issue. Everything I can do now is to choose a workaround solution that only selects Intel UHD  which comes with the CPU to handle all the works and that's such a waste. It not only took more DDR4 but also decreased the processing capability of the device. And it's come to vary results base on CPU power.


I wrote this post cause not so sure who will take a look over the issue, Dell, Nvidia, or Adobe but it's quite frustrating when you can not do anything more than try to get their attention at the problem and push something out to fix it.


Hope anyone who has the same experience can back up this post.


Thank you and best regard.


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