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When compared directly to its larger sibling Galaxy Tab S7+, the Galaxy Tab S7 looks like a second-rate tablet. However, in reality, the Galaxy Tab S7 is actually a very impressive tablet and is better than its larger sibling. Read our review to find out why.


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No jack, no buy.  As simple as that.


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This is a great read, and very in depth article, but opened with the premise of telling me why the S7 is better than the S7+... It seems like the 7+ was forgotten about part way into the article, as it features less and less as the review goes on. I'd love for example to know why the S7+ has a slower max download speed, given they're running the same hardware, and the larger tab has more RAM... No mention of it at all in the summary...


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Excellent and thorough article. Would still like an explanation for why you think the S7 is a better buy over the S7+. You didn't really go into any detail with that headline conclusion.

 I'm typing this on the S7 right now. I went with the 256gb wifi model which comes with 8gb's of RAM  instead of 6. Didn't have a need for LTE or 5G, so getting it on Amazon's Prime day for $579 along with the book keyboard and a 512gb micro SD card plus tax put the total cost around $840. I figure the benefits it has over the Pad Air for an all inclusive price that wasn't much more than just the 256gb iPad Air alone, where you don't get the keyboard attachment, the pen, 4 speakers and the 120hz screen, plus no expandable storage, was worth the purchase over the Air.

As a current owner of a few iPad models, from basic to pro, I was just looking for a change as I'm equally invested in both IOS and Android that I can switch without any extra app cost. Only downsides so far that jump out is its heavier than I thought it was going to be. Ipad's seem to do a better job with centralizing their weight. Glad I wasn't considering the heavier s7+. Still on the fence with battery life. Accubattery has the screen on time about 12 hours, but it doesn`t feel like that. Build quality is solid and I just prefer the customizable Android over IOS that looks dated even with IOS 14.

Bottom line is, I think Samsung has done an excellent job with the S7 this year. Guaranteed there will be an amoled version of this model size with the S8, but I have no issues with the screen quality, build, or using Android apps over IOS. It runs as fast as any iPad I've ever owned, even if the newer A14 chip on the Air shows a clear advantage in benchmark testing. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending the S7 over the Air to anyone.


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In my opinion, Samsung Dex combined with the new and improved keyboard cover, improved S pen features and reduced input lag from the 120Hz screens are overall what makes the 2020 Galaxy Tab lineup worth the purchase over the Ipad Pro. At least in the hope that moving forward Google will focus more effort into improving Android's tablet experience due to the advent of foldable phones.

Also, please take note that there are multiple 5G and 8GB configurations and the 45W fast charger can be selected for additional cost during purchase.


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I have this device. I am disappointed to find out that Samsung uses PWM in their LTPS model, also. Probably I wouldn't have bought it if I knew it in advance.
This device has 3 drawbacks:
1) Screen uses PWM
2) No 3.5mm audio output
3) Very thin and slippery, - not comfortable to use without cover or stand.
Also, SAR values are relatively high for LTE and 5G models.
Otherwise, it's a good device, especially for videocalls and multimedia, - speakers, mics and camera are of decent quality.


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