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Samsung's Galaxy S20 is the latest update to one of the most famous smartphone series. Compact size and powerful performance are a given, but the latest Galaxy smartphone is also supposed to come with an improved camera and longer battery life. Find out in our extensive review whether or not Samsung managed to pull it off.


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- no jack
- hole in the screen
- no full 5G with Exynos
- performance and throttling with Exynos
- big max. SAR
- problems with bending
- no FM-radio
- gives less than some medium range Samsung phones (for example smaller battery vs 6000 mAh)


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>If PWM was detected, an average of 17093 (minimum: 5 - maximum: 2500000) Hz was measured.
I suggest quoting the median next time...

>we failed to achieve more than 60 FPS in a single one of our benchmarked games
The games are frame locked to 60, this will be the case for most games in the short term.

>Just like its predecessor the S20 lacks a 3.5-mm headphone jack
No, S10 had the jack. Move on from Samsung to Sony, Moto, LG etc. if you need the jack.

The Exynos version is much worse than I expected, which makes me wonder how it got 88%...
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Great Review

For me honestly S10+ is better phone then the S20 series. The jack, The apreture changing main lens, proper telephoto lens with OIS.... Riding on a 120Hz is not getting samsung anywhere. I can buy Both S10+ and K30pro for the same price as S20 and have everything...

Even ROG phone 2 seems like more sensible choise as it's camera performance is decent.


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If i see people whit 1000 euro phone i definetily thnik he is theef or danger to everyone, ready to be eatn.


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Time to start using at least 5 photos, 3 aint cutting it sir, you did incredibly in depth, but you missed one of the most important aspects, not enough focus to the cameras, no 64MP photos as well.

Please take at least 3 night mode photos in future, thanks.


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And still a flickering screen. I don't understand how people are able to stare these especially in darkness.  I get really bad headaches, quite the same as from good old crt monitors 20 plus years ago.
And the screens always get high grades by reviewers.


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