Autor Thema: AMD Ryzen 9 4900HS in Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 takes out Dell Precision 5540's Intel Core i9-9980HK in Geekbench multi-core contest  (Gelesen 430 mal)


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An Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 laptop has been spotted on Geekbench being tested along with its powerful new AMD Ryzen 9 4900HS APU. While the reported single-core scores held up well against the rival Intel Core i9-9980HK, the Renoir chip’s multi-core results surpassed what the Coffee Lake processor managed in the Dell Precision 5540 we tested.


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A bit weak to be honest given 4900HS is competing with a 5 year old chip upgraded to 8 barely beats it in multicore and in single core...with the Zen 2 wow-ness, magic and amazing IPC, it gets a beating LOL.


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Core i9-9880H beats it, and its in the Geekbench results list. Top score in a Lenovo chasis. Once again, lazy authorship.


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Weak? first check the max Watt for the Intel part under load and then compare it to max on the 4900HS, Intel parts will eat almost double then those parts for short period and then will drop under base clock [~1.6Ghz bases on this site review].
in slim chassis - intel has no chance.

Grinnie Jax

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Intelboys playing their usual game: ignoring part of facts just to please their false statements. No problem, I will point you - Ryzen chip is in HS form with lower max TDP limit compared to Intel chip. Not enough? This is for 15 inch chassis while Intel's is for 17 inch chassis. Not enough? This is first raw result for Ryzen chip, which is for first unpolished bios. I bet, considering all those three points, this is HUGE success for Ryzen 4XXX. There are less and less ways you, Intelboys, can screw the facts towards Intel.


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Just noticed also Core i9-10880H beats this as well. Also in the Geekbench results database list.


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AMD has an H version of this chip that is rated for a TDP of 45 watts.  I wonder when that one is benched it will shut up the two idiots on this thread that are "happy" that the HS at 35 watts only barely beats Intel's best.

john dylan

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i'll take insignificant less raw power for security, we all know how unreliable intel is for security!


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I have the Asus ROG G703GX-XB96K and it has the I9-9980HK and I'm not being biased because my scores are higher then that of the 4900hs on both geekbench versions as well as the user bench mark app, I'm pretty sure you can look it up on either website in general but I do have accounts on both, that said, AMD got there mobile CPUs on point just like there desktops and it's going to give intel some serious problems if they don't step up...


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Intel can be faster but their security flaws are not something to take lightly.
Also the shady and greedy strategy they are doing to us as consumers will bite them in the ass.

I will never buy another Intel machine until the top guys are all fired.
Hopefully AMD will keep doing great stuff and won't be anything like Intel otherwise we will have to do the same to them.


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