Autor Thema: The Eve V's maker announces a potentially critical change to its online sales model  (Gelesen 1386 mal)


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The Eve V was once hailed as a 'Surface Pro killer', as it offered a worthy alternative to this 2-in-1 (on paper at least) at a low price compared to that of the Microsoft product. However, its manufacturer (also called Eve) ran into difficulty due to supply issues that delayed shipments for many users. This OEM now claims to have resolved these problems.

Mark Harris

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And yet they still can't provide a refund after a year and a half of having my money.


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I remember this model having notable corners cut, the 4.5W CPUs in that weight class are out of the question, and for most use cases involving that pen.

eve scammer

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BEWARE Eve's CEO Konsta is a scammer. this is just another scam from him. i HAVE NOT received any news for my $ 1,700 refund. they keep on telling me "SOON".
Verge also wrote a PAID article like this before. BE CAREFUL
Eve just changed their method of scamming people

John P

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I have ordered and received two Vs within the last year. Any accusations of a scam must have been caused by problems with the supplier or licensing company.

The real scam is that my keyboard needed to be replaced after a month. The design for the keyboard hardware is terrible.


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I was on the fence of buying this, ended up with a Surface Pro 4. Fast, beautiful, only very minor problems....never regretted.


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I got my computer right on schedule ... with a broken keyboard. That was almost a month ago. Customer service doesn't respond after promising a new one within 14 business days (still way too long), so I have a tablet.


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I was scammed by this company in December 2017, buying into their Flash Sale. I gave them $1650 and got nothing in return, no device, no refund. I have only ever been given excuses, yet news media and tech industry people continue to give them a pass. They still have not issued refunds and they have no intention to do so. This is blatant theft and no one gives a damn.


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I ordered the computer in March 2018, about 1250€ and until now I have no V oder a Refund. The support has not answered us anymore. There are more then 100 people on this situation.
I am not sure if they will pay the Refund for us...


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Order the computer on December 2017, requested refund on September 2018, still waiting today for the money.

I still don't get why there are no international criminal charges against this company for fraud and theft

Andy Brandt

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I received my V with a year delay, in January 2018. The machine itself is very nice, however the first keyboard had manufacturing issues (tilted touchpad) - they promptly sent my another one, and this was my last successful contact with their service. About a year later first keyboard broke down, then second that I started to use also had the same issue. Contacted support, never heard back from them so I bought a Brydge BT keyboard. Now the battery is dying (20 mins max), I contacted the support - theoretically my unit is still under warranty - they redirected me to another company. It turns out the are two EVE companies, seems the people behind it left all the debts and problems with the old company and just set up a new.

While reading the EVE forums and comments above I consider myself lucky (did get the device, it mostly works etc.) next time I will be buying my devices from respectable, established manufacturers.


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I'm right there with Andy.  I purchased the device on Indiegogo and waited over a year to receive it.  Now, a after a bit over a year of use, the device is starting to fall apart (keyboard broken, both usb-c ports failing).  Their customer support is non-existent.  Generally 2+ week response times.  Now, they are saying that the original warranty is no longer valid because their company has changed.
Their stated warranty is meaningless!!


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Do not buy from this company, they do not honour their warranties.. They do not issue refunds, they do not provide repairs.. This company is a ponzi scheme scam.. Spend your money elsewhere...


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