Autor Thema: Still no Android Pie for the LG G6, despite LG pushing out a new system update to its former flagship  (Gelesen 732 mal)


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LG has started rolling out a new update to the G6, and it is more than just a new security patch. The former flagship is due to receive Android 9.0 Pie this quarter, with LG promising earlier this year to deliver the OS upgrade between July and September. The Q3 deadline could slip though if the company faces similar problems to what it did with getting the V30 onto Android 9.0 Pie.


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 >:(What about the Sprint LGV40 thinq?  We were supposed to have received it in September.  Never buying another LG phone again, nor is my family. Very SAD.


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I'm on the LG v30. The pie upgrade was first promised in Q1, then Q2 and as we are entering Q3, still NO pie (Bell Mobility)!!! Definitely my last LG smartphone. Once I qualify for an upgrade I'm finished with this excuse for a company. Hey LG... stop releasing 20 flagship and focus on 1 each year max. Then you can keep up with proper upgrades maybe!

Thiago Moreira

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You guys are lucky. In my country, the G6 is still in the January update!!!! It recieved only 3 updates during its life


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I'm done with LG as well. Next phone is a Samsung.


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Greetings. I reveived Androi 9 Pie update 2 days ago on my Lg G6. Truth to be phone is way slower than with previous android. Screen sometimes stucks..icons are slow on loading..even turning pages with apps and staff is kinda slow. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. P.s. i tried playing with almost all settings to try fix these suprising slow downs..


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