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Autor: martin234
« am: Juli 24, 2019, 00:07:32 »

WWAN on T490:
Note that T490 is not WWAN upgradable. Unless you buy this option at factory, you can't upgrade it to WWAN capable, as antennas are missing.

Thats wrong! Antennas are always there at T490!
Autor: Benjamin Hampe
« am: Juni 20, 2019, 13:44:21 »

Why is there not a single non Intel CPU in the CPU Multi benchmark visible?
Autor: rui
« am: Juni 20, 2019, 10:32:52 »

@ Benjamin Herzig

New BIOS 1.44:
I'm not so sure that new BIOS didn't bring any improvements, as new BIOS "Updated the CPU microcode", according the new BIOS read-me.

T490  bigger battery then E490:
in fact T490 has a bigger battery then E490 (50Wh vs. 45Wh) but difference is not great in terms of battery life. Even at Big Buck Bunny H.264 1080p test, battery life of E490 was slightly greater then T490 (11h 17min /11h 27min).

Computer weight:
I agree with you, T490 is lighter. There is a 200g difference, with similar screen, between both models.

WWAN on T490:
Note that T490 is not WWAN upgradable. Unless you buy this option at factory, you can't upgrade it to WWAN capable, as antennas are missing.

Enterprise features on T490:
Yes, you have a greater choice of Intel processors, that on some (like the i5-8365U), have more capabilities that could interest companies.

Good screen options on T490:
If you use an external monitor most part of the time, probably this is not so  excluding for the E490.

Hope that helps potencial buyers
Autor: eddy_mx
« am: Juni 20, 2019, 10:09:11 »

Müsste die Version mit der dedizierten GPU durch die zweite Heatpipe nicht leiser sein? Dadurch hat die CPU samt iGPU doch bessere Möglichkeiten der Wärmeweiterleitung oder?
Autor: Benjamin Herzig
« am: Juni 20, 2019, 00:06:52 »


a) according to the readme, the newer BIOS 1.44 does not bring any improvements that would have affected our review in any way. Version 1.09 however was important for us to test out, because it fixed the speaker noise problem. The previous T490 unit was tested with BIOS version 1.08.

b) As far as the screen goes, yes, it would have been more interesting to test a different variation. However, all the retail models here in Germany, sans the most expensive one (which has the QHD screen) have the Low Power FHD screen.

In terms of E490/E495 vs. T490, I think for many ordinary users, the E series can be a good choice, but the T490 does have its advantages - bigger battery, much lighter (& thinner) chassis, WWAN and other enterprise features and most importantly good screen options – the best option for the E490/E495 is the lower cost FHD IPS with 250 nits.
Autor: rui
« am: Juni 19, 2019, 22:26:35 »


A couple of comments:

a) Strange that new BIOS update 1.44, available since 06June, was not installed at machine before being tested (has Bios v1.09 installed according HWINFO64). Same applies to UHD 620 video driver.

b) Being a T490 "cheap version" now on test, was natural that lower cost FHD IPS 1920x1080/250 nits was tested, and not to retest same screen as per previous test.

If you do not play games and do not need any GPU performance,.... then half price E490 or E495 could be a better option.
Autor: Redaktion
« am: Juni 19, 2019, 19:13:18 »

Vor kurzem haben wir das Lenovo ThinkPad T490 in der Version mit dedizierter Nvidia-GeForce-GPU getestet. Nun folgt ein Testupdate des Modells mit Intel-GPU. Welche Version besser ist, das lesen Sie in diesem ausführlichen Testbericht!

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