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Posted by: Taha tran
« on: November 25, 2017, 12:55:08 »

 Display Response Times of s7??? pls
Posted by: George G.
« on: October 11, 2016, 18:37:18 »

Guys, you are my number 1 source for notebook and smartphone reviews. I actually purchased my last notebook based on your review.

However, I've just noticed that the references for your deltaE marks on smartphones dont's seem to be consistent.

You marked the Galaxy S7 a color deltaE of 2,07 taking the AdobeRGB as reference, in Photo Mode, but when testing the HTC One M9, for example, you display the values that were referencing sRGB in default mode. In the same table. That's a bit comparing pears to apples, in my opinion.

Because if we took Photo Mode of the S7 with sRGB as reference, then the delta E value is quite different: it's 4,64.

I actually don't really understand why you would include AdobeRGB as target in  tests, because it can lead to confusion. In my opinion, having a 2,07 in Adobe RGB is not that relevant, since most of the web content is intended for sRGB anyway.
Posted by: Lucian
« on: July 24, 2016, 13:34:49 »

Hello, nice review!

Oh trust me guys, I have an S7, and the speaker is f*cking awesome, It has bass too. It is loud enough and without distortions. I just dislike where it is positioned, because it can be covered with your fingers in landscape view. :(

As per processing power, I have the EU version... I'd love to have the US version for the Snapdragon and Adreno CPU & GPU. If it's a FLAGSHIP, why didn't they make all of them HIGH END? Snapdragon 820 and Adreno 530 are clearly waaay better. But it's ok...

One more thing that's bothering me is the display... Before this one I had an S5 and it's display was amazing! I am referring to the touching response/sensitivity. On the S5 I didn't even touch the display and it would perform the action. But on the S7, I have to press/touch multiple times(sometimes) for it to perform the damn action... :((
The S5 had the option(in the display menu) to increase touch sensitivity. It was for when using gloves. The S7 doesn't have this option, and I kind of need it... :|
Other than that, the display is awesome.

The battery life is OK. But if you are a hardcore mobile player, in a couple of hours(let's say 5h), the battery will run out eventually.

Connectivity... I wanted the IR sensor and the USB 3.0 from the S5 back on it. :(( At least they didn't take out heartrate/pulse and fingerprint sensors... The microSD is good to be back too.

Network... The 4G/LTE really is awesome. Finally we have 4G in our country too(Romania). And cat. 9 LTE is even awesome, you could watch online movies in FHD 1080p directly on your phone. You can even connect on 5Ghz wi-fi, which means even greater speeds(I think?). Though I have some issues when connecting to 5Ghz band, it doesn't stay connected forever, and it kicks back to the 2.5Ghz band... This happens on my home wi-fi(never tested on other 5Ghz wi-fi networks) network, so I don't know if my router has a problem, or the phone has a problem.... On 2.5Ghz band I have 144Mbps internet speed. :| :(
But when the 5Ghz band is working, I have 788Mbps internet speed. I have Gigabyte connection contract at home. :D

And that's all I wanted to say. At first I wanted to give a comment, but it became my own review... :)
Overall I'm satisfied with my Samsung Galaxy S7 G930F. But I had it for less than half a year...

Posted by: Redaktion
« on: March 10, 2016, 18:03:09 »

Exploring new worlds? Faster SoC, bigger battery, better camera, premium display, and great design. The S-class from Samsung signifies excellence and our expectations are correspondingly high. Usually these are also fulfilled, but the Galaxy S7 has the one or other weakness.

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