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Autor: Irfan Muhammad Wikaputra
« am: August 06, 2014, 21:58:23 »

Autor: theabsoluteworst
« am: Juli 04, 2014, 15:05:26 »

I've had this laptop for about a month now. As long as you are ok with such a heavy machine, this can't be beat for the price. It's very fast and was very easy to put an ssd in. I actually called MSI to ask about the warranty sticker and the representative told me that since I'm in the U.S., it won't void any warranties unless I damage the laptop while attempting to upgrade it. I highly recommend this for someone who is looking for a desktop replacement.
Autor: Fida_Gillani
« am: Juni 02, 2014, 22:58:39 »

I've been using this laptop for almost 3 months. I always use turbo boost whenever I play game because it would keep the temperature around 77C and now I am using cooling pad and the temperature stays around 73C. My question is, "is it ok to use turbo boost everytime I play, because it would make fan's RPM = 5000 but the laptop remains cool." Otherwise, with SSD it is a performance beast.
Autor: Alejandro
« am: Mai 10, 2014, 01:45:10 »

I have last year's GT60 with the i7-4700, GTX 770M, 12GB RAM, SSD+HDD. I have played for hours without any problems. Top temp values I've seen are 60+°C for CPU and 70+°C for GPU. And it's hot where I live. I don't hear an annoying noise from the fans.
Autor: just answering a question
« am: Mai 09, 2014, 15:04:53 »

'Roommate', you asked about high temperatures damaging CPU and GPU if you keep them at those levels for hours per day.  You want to keep your CPU and GPU temperatures below 90 degC as a rule of thumb; I'm pretty sure you could run them all day if they're below 90 degC.  Also, the temperatures in the stress test here are not representative of real world use, you hardly ever encounter situations where both GPU and CPU are being stressed to 100% constantly, and both Prime95 and Furmark are so 'efficient' on the CPU and GPU that their 100% stress levels create even more current consumption than other typical applications and games that might also occassionally push them to 100%. 
Autor: roommate
« am: Mai 09, 2014, 10:02:16 »

nice review...but one question:
can high temperature of cpu and gpu cause any damage to them in long playing time(7-8 hours per day)?
Autor: Redaktion
« am: Mai 09, 2014, 07:26:53 »

Game mode: Domination. Following the release of Nvidia's 800-series, MSI revamps its gaming laptop line. While not much has changed in terms of external appearance, the performance levels have been improved considerably. Still, the main selling point of the Dominator will surely be its 3K display.

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