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Posted by: wildshovel
« on: June 03, 2016, 05:06:16 »

I have been buying, upgrading and hacking computers since the 80s, and no computer has disappointed me more than the TOSHIBA SATELLITE c75d.  The big screen is beautiful, but that's it.  Excrutiatingly slow to start, distressingly slow/halting/stuttering performance even when nothing is running, unexplained hanging, reboots while streaming video from the internet -- if this were not a brand new computer, I would swear it was massively infected with malware.  But it isn't.  It's just a really poorly designed piece of crap.  I have never heard audio so bad, either, and it's not just the speaker: headphones sound terrible too, which means the big screen is pretty much useless for watching movies unless you are into silent films.   Avoid this product.  It is no bargain.
Posted by: Ewe
« on: April 07, 2016, 10:06:00 »

 :-\Crap... just purchased this... aaargh...
Posted by: Joe
« on: March 28, 2016, 00:51:37 »

I wouldn't recommend the notebook to any of my friends, the sound is horrible, the speakers are much too tiny.
Posted by: JimknowsIam
« on: February 27, 2016, 15:14:32 »

I usually do not write reviews but after reading this article and the one comment I felt I should offer my experience with this laptop. Now my model maybe slightly different since it is the C75D-C7232 but I'm sure it is very similar. I have owned this laptop for a few months now and while I'm no extreme gamer I do like to play Sim City and a few other games. Now the article is correct in that this is not a pc for serious gamers, but for someone who likes to occasionally play a game it does so just fine. Now I have had other laptops that were blazingly faster than this pc you have to realize there is a trade off. My other faster laptop was very quick but it got hot FAST and if you were going to use it at an extended period of time you HAD to use a cooling pad or it would overheat (and might I add that I took the keyboard off occasionally so I could use a small bottle of compressed air to clean the fan and the copper cooling fins). But on top of that the extra power would deplete the battery very quickly. Now I said all of that because where this Toshiba C75D is no gaming computer but I have NEVER had to use a cooling pad for it playing the same games and I have barely even noticed the fan running and even when it does run it cools the laptop fairly quick and then shuts off. Also I have been very impressed with how long the battery lasts. In conclusion this laptop may not be top of the line performance wise, but it gets the job done- it's no  Ferrari, but it's more like an old faithful Toyota Corolla that you KNOW you can count on.
Posted by: leecylo
« on: November 25, 2015, 19:24:09 »

I would not recommend this laptop to anyone.  Mine had battery issues that did nt show up for a few weeks.  I finally got through to Toshiba 5 weeks after purchase date and Toshiba will only repair it if I pay $30.00 for shipping.
Posted by: Redaktion
« on: July 30, 2013, 07:06:30 »

Large screen on a budget. The Toshiba C75D-A7286 is an AMD-based 17.3-inch notebook and part of the manufacturer's "budget-conscious" C-series. Does this large-screen desktop replacement with AMD Quad Core A4-5000M APU deliver enough performance to handle mainstream tasks?

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