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Posted by: Gordon
« on: November 21, 2016, 04:21:33 »

This is a great notebook review, I was just wondering, I didn't see it in the article, are the usb ports on this laptop powered?  Or provide charging power to like a phone or ipad?
Posted by: carlos martins
« on: February 04, 2016, 21:02:05 »

The computer Acer Aspire V5 122p it´s extremely slowly. The google chrome runs very slowly. The streaming videos on youtube in HD 1080 runs with lots of lags and  faultys. Its the firt time that one  ACER computer disapoint me at all. Its worts. Even the old Aspire 1410 is faster than this new Acer Aspire V5 122p. I bought the computer before read this Notebookcheck review, But after onde day of using i realise that the tecnical review dont show us the thruly experience in daily bases.I cannot recomend anyone to buy this computer since i will try to get rid of it as soon as possible.
Posted by: mrk
« on: December 29, 2014, 08:38:33 »

The reviewer is right, "good outdoor suitability usually is one of the main fields of duty for an 11.6-inch device," and the pictures show it is not.
I'm about to get it, it can be my "second computer" tho I don't have another yet. But never be without a second.
Curiously, my current one is doing just what the my first computer did in order for me to resign/retire it: the screen, something to do with hinges and screen, screen only works in certain positions.

I went here;

But my point is, my computer has 3/4 space left with only 1/4 used after 2 1/2 years and never had a virus. Yes, Avira.
BOTH laptops had this, the screen is made to fail so we update, I'm convinced. Right now it is sitting at exactly 90 degrees and working, perfect resolution like when new. When the laptop "dies" like one American said on Ebay,  I find the screen is set up to die. Floppy hinges, and connectors to screen are through there? I see two wires as the plastic came off on one side.

Very useful site.  Mainly I want the 3 lbs weight, but really, a portable with no suitability for outside? There is something there, the way the laptops fail, nothing to do with well cared for hard drive, or RAM or space - I have so much space, no virus ever. Will check out the reduce! Don't want McCaffe.  I just uninstall programs. But yes, cjw, Aspire Acer also came with all kinds of flotsam preloaded.
Posted by: alphacat1
« on: June 28, 2014, 16:36:34 »

This is the post you need to see for the Acer Aspire 122p.

 Well I bought the Acer Aspire 122p and have used it long enough. In short, buy it if you like slow frustrating computers. First off I can't understand why they would make a relatively new model and sleek-looking computer and put a 1 ghz processor in it. You don't really feel any accelerated processing or notice offloading to GPU, speed or performance out of this as it claims to do.

 I bought this because I needed a quick upgrade from the painfully UNGODLY slow Acer Aspire One d260 netbook. The 122p turned out to be only a slight improvement. Friends this is a do one thing at a time computer. If you want responsiveness you'll get it only when there is nothing open and nothing running. Even then the internet browsing is still slow and frustrating. You can't even get the mouse wheel scroll until the full page and all the ads are loaded, very irritating.

 There is very little to no multitasking on this unit without diminishing performance greatly. For example I can only start one download with my download manager and the rest of the computer functions have to wait until it is finished. With me I do work on my website,, such as maintenance and eBook writing. So I often need a few heavy programs open like Dreamweaver, Microsoft Word 2007, Filezilla FTP client, Outlook, a dictionary/thesaurus, photoshop, and a number of folder windows. This is all necessary but when this computer is in this state you can forget internet browsing. It will take literally minutes to navigate the internet and open pages. And when my mind is juggling all these tasks I need quick responsiveness to keep holding my thoughts. I have to literally take brief naps, take my hand off the mouse and lean back, leave the room and make a sandwich, or stare at the screen frustrated while I wait for an average page to load. Speaking of Microsoft word the 122p has the same problem as with the Aspire One netbook. If you have a word document open with pictures in it and you want to quickly scroll through and spot check your documents it hangs and catches as it goes past the pictures. P.S. The processor toplines on the CPU graph frequently when multitasking.

 Not only this, but this computer isn't even powerful enough to use google and youtube's search suggestions while you type. You have to peck type really slow or letters will get omitted. It is extremely angering especially if your a fast typer. I had to download google toolbar and turn off the search suggestions as I type. Facebook messenger typing lags a lot also. Youtube videos are sometimes catching and sticking and loads slowly.

 By the way I went ahead and upgraded the RAM to the max hoping in the back of my mind it would make a difference but knowing it wouldn't. The RAM is not the problem it's the slow processor. Upgrading RAM only helps if it is being maxed out and you're getting messages saying your running out of memory as with the Acer Aspire Netbook 1gb factory memory.

 There is no overclocking on this model and I mean no! Believe me. I've googled for days looking for alternatives. There is only two things you can do. 1. Go into the windows power settings and set it to high performance. 2. Download actual booster and use its set processor priority automatically to foreground process. That's just about it. And you will still get acute performance lags.

 I never believe or carryout any suggestions from people who say to speed up your computer by turning off all the graphics settings and set windows to classic, or stop this service or stop that service. I don't see the point. I am not going to strip a new computer down just for it to work like it should. It is like a waist. So the moral is just buy a fast computer to begin with. After using this computer, from now on I will not purchase a computer with even a hz less than 2 gigahertz processing power. I've got my sights on the Acer Aspire 571.

 The touchpad is klunky and rattles as your finger moves around on it because the lower end is not anchored to the casing. I had to superglue it still. I prefer the touchpads with the separate buttons not one big button/touchpad combo. Sometimes I need the cursor to stay in one place while I continue to tap the select button. But if you use this as your clicking down the touchpad as a button the cursor jumps around a little sometimes losing it's delicate position.

 Windows 8

 Microsoft is one checkbox away from making Windows 8 successful. The checkbox that should be in personalization that allows you to choose between Metro interface and the previous Aero translucent glass theme. The flat dull metro windows on Windows 8 looks like old 8 bit Atari graphics. It is a drastic downgrade from the Windows 7 Aero theme. People including myself are saying they will not upgrade their OS until they bring back the Aero theme. Windows 7 Ultimate is now the best OS, not Windows 8. In windows 7 they give you the choice in personalization to use the classic windows theme, a major scale back option if you want it. That is all Microsoft has to do to sell W8, give us the options to use Aero theme and classic and I would use W8. But with the 122p Microsoft, probably in an annoying attempt to force us to use Windows 8, didn't supply any drivers for Windows 7 for this model. The Windows 8 drivers work on W7 but there are a few glitches i.e. cannot adjust the screen brightness slider. It is stuck in one place and there is only one brightness setting. And the screen is blank after downgrading. Just push Fn+arrow left, the brightness controls, buttons to turn it on. The SD card slot is faulty, the message says 'cannot read from source disk'. The SD card is fine because it works on the Aspire One. Also the Card reader slot sucks because it doesn't click into place with the card fully inside the housing. It sticks out easily yanked with no secure hold.

 I would not suggest buying this computer for any reason
Posted by: DrDu
« on: June 23, 2014, 03:05:30 »

I may be out of touch but I happen to love this laptop. Of course I had an HP mini 220 which was a major disappointment. I love the lighted keyboard and I have gotten great support from Acer. I am not a gamer so I can only judge this computer from a real life perspective and I personally love it with the quad core. For the money it is truly a great value. It is above my needs but I an very proud to own it. Corny but true.
Posted by: cjw
« on: April 27, 2014, 00:07:59 »

I have just got one of these. I've never had a laptop with so much shite pre-loaded on it. mcafee was making it run slower than my previous old acer. ball ache trying to uninstall all the bloatware until I found pcdecrapifer dot com. get rid of mcafee and use avg.
Posted by: Frank Byl
« on: March 07, 2014, 19:37:53 »

Thanks for the comprehensive review.  I'll be using your sight in the future for other tech reviews.
Posted by: Brian
« on: September 25, 2013, 03:12:11 »

Can someone PLEASE give me drivers for this laptop for Windows 7?! I cannot find them anywhere and 8 is simply unusable.
Posted by: somephotoguy
« on: September 15, 2013, 21:03:04 »

For what it's worth my screen measures over 1100:1 in contrast ratio,
in contrast to the the 500:1 measured here.   
Calibrated and measured with the i1dispaly pro and the xrite software.
Don't know if the differences are down to different methodologies or panel lottery, but sweclockers also tested over 1100:1 in their review.

Subjectively the screen calibrates well and looks very good after calibration, with photos appearing very similar to what they look like on my Eizo desktop screen.
For this price I think it's great and a HUGE step up from the typical TN-panels you find in machines in this price range. I can't stress that enough.

Only con is some backlight bleeding on the right side of the screen, but it's not something you will notice in regular use, I mostly notice it on start up.
I'm a photographer and bought this mostly because of the screen and the price.
For what I use it for I have not been disappointed.
Posted by: hi
« on: July 11, 2013, 06:01:35 »

Why it is that your Cinebench 11.5 score is much lower than other reviewers tests. It seems they were able to somehow activate 1.4GHz on 4 cores and got 1.39pkt
Posted by: Redaktion
« on: June 01, 2013, 04:40:43 »

Quad-core midget. With the new Acer Aspire V5-122P, we get to test the first notebook with AMD\'s brandnew, energy-efficient A6 quad-core processor even before the official release. Here you can read how well the 11.6 inch midget with its IPS touchscreen does. But psst, everything is still top secret!

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