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Posted by NikoB
 - February 10, 2024, 17:21:49
How are the leaders of North America and Europe going to ensure the survival of social systems in a post-industrial regime? It is possible to return to industrialism only with an even greater degradation of the population's education - otherwise who will go to work in factories and factories with difficult working conditions, except for people from more primitive societies? (What was recently clearly demonstrated at the new TSMC factories that are being built in the USA is that they were unable to find qualified engineers in several states at once, and those who were found immediately filed complaints about the working conditions at the level of pay that they were offered after working a little.) Which is inevitable. lead to poor assimilation (and this is almost always the case if the process is not of high quality, i.e. the host society has sufficient resources for this) to the introduction of a different mentality in society and the loss of rights of the indigenous population, after they inevitably become a minority in society. Those. the conditional "white majority" (this is more a term for a certain mental development than for skin color and race) in the USA and the EU gradually finds itself in the role of Indians in North America, the only difference is that then the unfortunate Indians lost due to lower development (and this is also less in number relative to the arriving waves), and now everything is exactly the opposite - the quantity, the influx of low-quality (in terms of mental development) immigrants is gradually turning into a qualitative defeat of the indigenous population (in democratic elections, when the majority wins, not the minority), which does not wants to take everything into his own hands because of his weakened state. After all, no one wants to fall down the social ladder until they are confronted with the cruel fact that they are already there.

And now Asia is approaching the same thing - China first of all. They also ran into the "middle income" trap and their industrial phase is quickly coming to an end with the exhaustion of the working class willing to work for pennies, which means a loss of competitiveness, which is why Western capital began to withdraw capital about 8-10 years ago, which directly correlates with some a level of mental development that stops the birth rate below the population maintenance level. The difference is that their society is quite monolithic and practically (like Japanese and Korean) does not accept massive waves of strangers with a different mentality, which is both their strength and weakness - Japan, for example, has already panicked in this regard, quickly losing its workforce, especially at the lower level and changing the laws on expats and immigration to suit this matter. China, due to its huge population, has enormous inertia, but this is also its Achilles heel - a fatal mistake in long-term management will inevitably destroy the entire society, even with subsequent, correct, but fleeting attempts to correct everything. The probability of a social catastrophe there is maximum, given the increasing degree of inadequacy of leadership and the growing complexity of society over the past 25 years.

What (decrease in population to a certain point), from my point of view, is generally normal and correct with the development of civilization, with adequate growth in productivity, which is only possible in a society with a fair distribution of the results of labor, i.e. minimizing the cohort of systemic parasites. Which releases ever larger sections of the population only into intellectual activity, and it requires a very high level of mental development, which in turn makes increasingly strong intellectual demands on the managerial/kleptocratic stratum in order to skillfully manipulate public opinion and control it in their own interests. That is, progress in society and the interests of kleptocrats are completely opposite. Progress increases social and civil pressure on them, leads to a forced optimization of their numbers, downwards, demanding from them a constant increase in productivity (as they, the exploiting classes, demand from workers, cynically reducing, at the same time, their incomes in real purchasing power ability of fiat money, the last 50 years in developed countries, especially in the USA), regression allows them to exist comfortably and expand their presence in society (and leads to the growth of nepotism and, ultimately, to the feudal/slave-owning classes), until the moment there is an obvious collapse of society due to the loss of adequacy in management (especially in the presence of at least some external competition between societies - this is why they need this system to become legal at the global level, although global resource management, with effective and productive leadership, is generally useful for the development of civilization) due to the degeneration of system parasites, for the same reasons for which they deliberately trigger the debilitation of society, as soon as they take over after another collapse in the past - social elevators and meritocracy of society are lost, which inevitably leads to the degradation of management and society as a whole.
Posted by NikoB
 - February 10, 2024, 16:29:55
Here is a good illustration of what I wrote earlier:

QuoteAlongside global volatility, political paralysis in Berlin is intensifying long-standing domestic issues such as creaking infrastructure, an aging workforce and the snarl of red tape. The education system, once a strength, is emblematic of a long-term lack of investment in public services. The Ifo research institute estimates that declining math skills will cost the economy about €14 trillion ($15 trillion) in output by the end of the century.

"the snarl of red tape", i.e., bureaucracy (bureaucratic apparatus) - as a vivid manifestation of the growth of the systemic part of the parasites with minimal efficiency for society in its positive, progressive development.

"an aging workforce" - the reluctance of the indigenous population to give birth to more than 1-2 children (which leads to gradual degeneration), for obvious reasons - the unfair distribution of labor results in society (due to the growing number of systemic parasites that unfairly take away the results of labor from the productive stratum with her own connivance) and the impossibility of raising children without a monstrous effort of all one's strength (completely sacrificing, at the same time, one's own life, otherwise it simply does not work out) so that they live better than their parents. With the influx of cheap immigrants, workers willing to work (the willingness to sacrifice themselves on a lower mental level, but only in the first immigrant generation, this is an extremely important point!), for less money, in order to gain a foothold in the new society. As elsewhere in "developed" countries.

"The education system, once a strength, is emblematic of a long-term lack of investment in public services." - a clear manifestation of the interests of kleptocracy, through the creation of a convenient system of public "education" with the most formulaic approaches to learning (minimal development of critical thinking and outlook), for easier manipulation and control of the majority of the population.

The ironic thing about this opus is that this American publication writes, where the skills of young people are already even worse according to the ratings and the level of stereotyped education and other problems is no less, and even worse. And for example, Russia, according to the same ratings of youth education, has generally already fallen below the world average. But this is clearly manifested in what is happening there.

Those. an attempt to trick the Germans in reality is an implicit self-flagellation of the Americans, who have also rapidly lost their "drive" in the economy and society over the past 35 years, along with the influx of a low-quality layer of immigrants with a lower mental level than before, for, again, quite obvious reasons - lack of real choice.
Posted by asdasdd
 - February 10, 2024, 15:59:34
Quote from: NikoB on February 10, 2024, 15:57:58with a clear lack of choice
Get mac or linux.
Your inability to learn other system is not "lack of choice".
Posted by NikoB
 - February 10, 2024, 15:57:58
Quote from: indy on February 10, 2024, 15:08:29People are not victims. They are given a choice and they choose what they choose.
This is just cheap demagoguery, with a clear lack of choice, thanks to the connivance of society in the form of antimonopoly restrictions that clearly do not fulfill their functions.
Posted by indy
 - February 10, 2024, 15:08:29
Quote from: NikoB on February 08, 2024, 18:54:22Google, in violation of laws, brazenly updates all applications and its services without the permission of smartphone owners. This should be demonstrably punished.

Apparently you click through EULA like 99% of the population without understanding your rights/Google's rights.

People are not victims. They are given a choice and they choose what they choose.
Posted by asdasdd
 - February 10, 2024, 14:20:35
Quote from: NikoB on February 10, 2024, 13:43:40Very few people succeed in breaking out of this vicious circle of slave mentality
Not you though, you are still using windows.
Posted by NikoB
 - February 10, 2024, 13:43:40
As independent researchers have already proven, even group policies in corporate versions do not stop M$ from illegally collecting customer data. Moreover, the transmitted data is encrypted at the kernel level and it is impossible to understand what is actually transmitted to their servers and other organizations without having the full source code - reverse engineering with constantly changing code is a very difficult task. M$ provides the source code of its software only to certain countries through closed channels, by agreement, if the market share in this country is important to them. But it will never be provided to the average client, and an individual will never be able to conduct an audit of millions of lines of constantly changing code on his own anyway. This task is always non-trivial even for contractor code auditors for intelligence agencies.

Why is this not stopped at the state level, with a full public audit of software that has an overwhelming share in the global market? Yes, because M$, like Intel, like AMD and like all smartphone manufacturers, secretly work in collaboration with the intelligence services of certain countries, in the interests of both national kleptocracies (geopolitics) and their global network (which includes the beneficiaries of these transnational corporations), increasingly complex in interaction. And this is not a conspiracy theory - these are proven facts.

Why does the population allow this? Yes, because the majority are illiterate idiots (and this illiteracy and complete reluctance to learn among young people, paradoxically, is only growing among the general public, despite access to self-education being orders of magnitude easier than before the Internet era), for whom real freedom and rights personality is an empty phrase that has no practical value for them. They are mental slaves, because they are deliberately raised this way from birth according to the template patterns of social systems of "education" and the trends only get worse every year. They are NOT born this way - their parents and environment make them this way. Very few people succeed in breaking out of this vicious circle of slave mentality (and the key here are the first years of life) and this is pure luck with the environment, because a person does not choose at birth, neither parents, nor place, nor environment. Therefore, the general vicious practice of ignorance is only growing across the planet like a cancerous tumor.

In a world with an overwhelming number of slaves and networks of slave owners managing them at all levels, from manipulation of consciousness to direct physical violence, if otherwise control ceases to work at the mental level, there is only one thing left in such a terrible environment - to behave as intelligently and rationally as possible, but again, the effectiveness of counteraction depends on education and breadth of outlook - a correct assessment of risks, which not many are given. And also the presence of sufficient resources and simply vitality, for constant active counteraction to concentration camp methods and practices, growing with each turn of the digital and then physical planetary concentration camp.

Figuratively speaking (and literally, as recent events in the world have proven) - if you give them the bastards your little finger, they will bite off your hand, and then your head, and with impunity. They must be beaten mercilessly and methodically at every opportunity. Tirelessly, until the last drop of blood in my veins. This is an endless war from birth to death.
Posted by Tech_illiterate
 - February 10, 2024, 11:34:17
Quote from: NikoB on February 08, 2024, 18:54:22Google, in violation of laws, brazenly updates all applications and its services without the permission of smartphone owners. This should be demonstrably punished.

Or how Group Policy Editor is the only way to stop win 11 from force updating and rebooting but isn't even installed on the home edition of win 11. Finally figured out how to install via command line only after losing all my windows and work on my surface laptop. :(

The fact that the default option only allows you to merely delay for several weeks and you have jump through such hoops is such a monumentally dumb decision by MS's part. As an Tech illiterate I disapprove!
Posted by NikoB
 - February 08, 2024, 18:54:22
Google, in violation of laws, brazenly updates all applications and its services without the permission of smartphone owners. This should be demonstrably punished.
Posted by Redaktion
 - February 08, 2024, 16:13:17
Google has pushed a new update to two of its handsets. While the pair are officially out of software support, Google has still sought to patch various outstanding issues with UP1A.231105.001.B2 based on Android 14.