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Posted by Dellatore
 - October 15, 2023, 00:28:31
I second Precisionista's sentiments. Regarding the worst aspect of Dell's laptops in general, i.e. their keyboard layout, it's the capitalizing and illumination of the secondary function of the function keys rather than the F-key numbers which I find most annoying. Seems to me one would remember which F-keys correspond to e.g. volume control after some time, whereas finding F7 offhand becomes difficult. I find myself counting keys to make sure I'm pressing the right F-key. F man.
Posted by Precisionista
 - September 08, 2023, 10:44:28
I used multiple generations of the Dell Precision line, and have recently switched from Precision 7530 to Precision 3580. I certainly appreciate the lighter build, and boost in CPU and GPU performance, but 3580 is my major delusion in the series.

Let me explain: it's a great hardware but the overall design has so many shortcomings.

1) Keyboard layout. Home and End buttons require to use the Fn layer, but Dell has found space for the dedicated Calculator, Calculator CE, Calculator +/- and PowerOn buttons in the same row. Also, Dell has found space for the oversized Plus and Return buttons in the numpad, but they squished Up and Down arrow keys into the  single key. All F-keys were moved into the Fn layer. Also Mute and F1 are on the same button (F1 is hidden in the Fn layer): I can't count how many times I unintentionally muted all audio during calls. It's a great layout if calc.exe is the only application you use. Otherwise you'll be better served by any other 65% keyboard.

2) Ports. One of the USB-C ports is permanently occupied by the charger. So there are only three usable ports left for the user (and only one USB-C). SD card reader was replaced with a MicroSD reader, and it's much less convenient on the go: a MicroSD-to-SD adapter can stay in your wallet, but an external SD card reader is bulkier and takes one of the precious USB slots. BTW, there is no DisplayPort.

3) Yet another Dell charger. This time Dell pretends to be chargeable via a USB, but it refuses to charge from the third-party USB-C chargers which I tried, even with exactly the same power rating. Only the Dell-branded chargers work.

4) RTX A500. It's not a bad GPU in terms of normal GPU usage. The quality of its ray-tracing renders leaves much to be desired (this complain might be application-specific, but it's useless in applications which I use).
Posted by Redaktion
 - March 23, 2023, 19:07:28
Dell has launched the Precision 3480, 3580, and 3581 mobile workstations with the latest Intel Raptor Lake processors and up to NVIDIA RTX Ada Generation GPU. Additionally, all three laptops feature wide connectivity options including Thunderbolt 4 ports and FHD webcams with optional IR sensors for facial recognition.