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Posted by abc
 - June 21, 2022, 19:49:28
I haw 100 euro
Posted by NikoB
 - June 21, 2022, 14:16:53
I will continue, because Capitalists will be forced to pay more, when, relatively speaking, a crowd of cheap labor will not stand behind the fence (which, by the way, was clearly visible from the shortage of qualified specialists in 2021 and the sharp increase in their income, who agreed to work when many people thought after what happened. About the meaning of life and why they spin like a squirrel in a wheel - many simply became downshifters). And not cheap, because more formed throughout the planet. And so that people are well-educated throughout the planet (which, by the way, carries automatic risks for populist politics and kleptocracies, who are easier to manage idiots, as now all over the planet), their parents and society should have resources for their qualitative education and expensive education What is excluded with real growth in poverty on the planet due to the uncontrolled population growth in the most primitive society, including the mental state, because you can be a former "middle class", i.e. To become poor, but to understand that to give birth to many children is stupid without resources for their quality education and growing up, but the poor, most often they do not have this understanding. But there is no resources, because the NTP has lost the "drive" can no longer help increase the quality of life of the rapidly growing population, which nevertheless, thanks to consumption, affects the planet's ecosystems - hence the strict anti -law in essence from the point of view of rights and freedoms that began restrictions on the restrictions and freedoms. around the world. Stagnation in fundamental science is the reason for the current troubles of civilization, which previously managed to cope with challenges, thanks to this very science. Now more than 70% of the nonsense of the planet lives in cities and are not able to feed themselves on their own, unlike the 19th century and even the beginning of the 20th. Any global collapse in the logistics and production of food products (as well as the goods necessary for the life) will lead to a collapse of the population. What now, in fact, begins all over the planet. And first of all, urban residents in weak -wide countries will suffer. They will be the first to take hunger. And that would be inevitably in the near future and without events since 2020. Just these events accelerated at times these processes of total destruction of global logistics and the effective separation of international labor.
Posted by NikoB
 - June 21, 2022, 13:59:40
All that is above the weight of 14-15 kg is non-transportable and pointless. Especially for urban conditions with high-rise apartment buildings. And prices, as I wrote many times, are crazy and overstated. Instead of obtaining access to electricians bikes for the poor people, we have a feast during the plague - entertainment for rich layers, missing in their philistine and routine. For 3500-5000 euros, a scooter with ice is easily bought, and the weight of 110-130kg has no role, as well as a bicycle of 27 kg-none of ordinary citizens will carry neither the first nor the second in the elevators of an apartment building, breaking up the stairs, breaking spine. All this is the nonsense of the consumer world for profit and nothing more. And all immoral businesses deep in reality do not care about the environment and a decrease in influence on the planet ecosystems. The best way to reduce this influence is make the long-range (by time) goods and reduction of the excess population, which doubled by 2 times 70 years, while science is in reality (where it grew stronger than Asia/Africa - in oblivion).  What is the meaning of such an increase in the population of civilization, if there is not a single Nobel laureate in natural sciences from Africa (as from the "great" China over 30 years) over the past 70 years? At the same time (past 70 years), the population increased in Africa by 5.5-6(!) times. And the increase is estimated at 2 times in 40-50 years in future! Obviously, the African ecosystems will be destroyed, like most ecosystems of South American and Asia. And an increasing population requiring life according to the standards of a bored "middle class" of the West will inevitably increase the negative impact on the ecology and impact on the planet ecosystems at times (even when stabilizing the population at the level of 8 billion). Are Europeans and Americans ("West" as a whole) ready to reduce their consumption standards? The American consumes 5 times more than a kilowatt of energy than a resident of developmental countries. Therefore, Americans and Europeans can and reduce their consumption in the first place. And they buy bicycles for 4500 erous (with a real cost of $500), thereby provoking further excesses and growth in consumption in the "West" (through the growth of parasitic stratum storage - where did the money with a negative trade balance have 95% and the scarce budget of the "Western" countries? This is life in credit. But who gives them a loan? The question is rhetorical ...), and not ascetic and economical to the consumption of everything.

A simple and humane way to reduce the population in half, over 40-50 years, to sharply reduce the influence on the ecosystems of the planet – trend for "one family, one child". But the more primitive the society, the more prolific there are females, not understanding in their mental stupidity that they will not be able to raise normally even one child - globally competitive in labor. For a simple reason, they have no resources for high-quality cultivation of even one baby with a good (globally competitive) education. And the losses of labor (mainly routine workplaces that are not creative, and therefore most clearly defined as "prone to parasitism" on a real productive layer of mankind, which has already been reduced to less than 25% of the planet's population), it is necessary to compensate for simply labor productivity and total automation (which will lead to a reduction in jobs at times).

Moreover, the reduction of the population will automatically lead to a sharp increase in the value of human life (and now human life, as we see does not cost anything) and the automatic growth of income, because The exploiters of the capitalists (although they have long been imperialists, because capitalism automatically goes into the stage of imperialism with the growth of TNCs and the real destruction of competition in the market - I convey the greetings of Microsoft, Intel/AMD - its artificial laying from antitrust, etc.)
Posted by Redaktion
 - June 20, 2022, 12:53:08
German consumer organisation Stiftung Warentest has pitted nine SUV e-bikes against each other in a recent test. Seven of the nine pedelecs were rated as 'good', and the overall winner was the KTM Macina Aera 671 LFC. The e-MTB is powered by a Bosch motor, assisting you at speeds up to 25 kph (~16 mph).