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Posted by tepcc
 - March 10, 2021, 23:37:58
Since the demise of the G series, I've been waiting for the V70. If this is a solid no, I need to settle and get the S21now. With more free cash coming from our fiat system, I need to get the store before is packed with takers.
Posted by Gary V
 - March 07, 2021, 20:37:21
LG phones are beast mode plus..I love my LG g8x thinQ, just wish more carriers had it. Awesome for anything u want to do and a great multitasking phone. Thank you LG
Posted by Tony T.
 - March 07, 2021, 20:01:57
V series have been underrated for some time - my first V10 was a beast - built like a brick. If anyone has issues with the LG skin, go to NOVO and apply any one you like.
V60 is an extremely underrated phone, which Im typing on now - the Android 11 update I don't really care for, and LG has always been slow go the plate with updates. But with a 32 bit Quad Dac, expandable storage, who cares about a 120 Hz refresh rate - not missed in daily use.
LG needs a better marketing strategy - best manual recording of any manufacturer by far.
Posted by Godrilla
 - March 07, 2021, 19:13:06
I'm still using my V40. The only issue I have is the burn in from the keyboard. I was hoping they go back to a similar design v20 v30 v40 and v50. I do not want to go back to Samsung. I love the simplicity of the LG design this os a bummer and I need an upgrade soon.
Posted by Winter
 - March 07, 2021, 18:01:06
Ive had every model of the V series but the CEO, and it does seem like LG is stagnant. The V60 im typing on right now is good overall, but the software issues are numerous. Constant app crashes, and the andriod 11 update killed several basic apps like the gallery for 2 days.

Im heavily considering switching to samsung even if LG doesnt leave the mobile side just because they consistently threaten to brick my phone with an update, which happened with my V10
Posted by Taylor
 - March 07, 2021, 16:27:14
These are some wild speculations, especially considering when the mention of sales/scaling back the mobile division was being discussed for after 2021. I know people who work with telecoms and they said LG decided to pause the launch for a later date, hence why the testing was paused.

Further, S20 sales were crap the first half of 2020 and S21 sales are even worse. Meanwhile all of retail has taken a nose dive from holiday shopping heights as most countries deal are getting covid numbers back under control and readying vaccines - makes more sense to wait until the 2nd half when things are the closest to normal they'll have been since the pandemic started
Posted by Dandy
 - March 07, 2021, 09:58:04
So disappointing!   We've been buying LG phones since the lg g2.  Love our V60's. Love the dual screen feature too!

Had a Oneplus 6t for a bit but found I really missed the headphone jack. 
Posted by S.Yu
 - March 06, 2021, 20:43:06
That's a bit premature...
Posted by Ari
 - March 06, 2021, 19:32:42
I've been investing in LG these last 3 years and just got a Velvet a couple months ago so this is discouraging. I haven't even gotten Android 11 yet,and what hopes there was of getting 12 within the year,I feel it's safe to say they're gone.
Posted by Ian Edwards
 - March 06, 2021, 15:23:43
Sad to hear this. V60 is such a beast.
Posted by Claire
 - March 06, 2021, 14:40:13
Im really sad. LG is the only phone company that I like. They are one of the few companies that keep headphone jack on phones. I use a V30 and the V series is my favorite phone lineup of all time. V60 is one of the best phones of 2020. It looks stunning.
Posted by Betal
 - March 06, 2021, 13:42:39
So you have posted more than a 200 words just to say LG will not be releasing V70!
Posted by Dustin Grooms
 - March 06, 2021, 11:18:58
This really sucks to read because I really love my v60 and I was damn sure looking forward to a v70 upgrade. So obviously I'm not pleased with the results
Posted by Danon
 - March 05, 2021, 23:12:01
I am sad. No new model with a built in high end dac. This is very sad.
Posted by Redaktion
 - March 05, 2021, 20:32:29
The LG V60 ThinQ was released right about a year ago. Sadly, it appears fans of the lineup will not be getting an LG V70—or a successor at all—anytime soon, with LG reportedly halting all plans for such a device. That is likely down to the current uncertainty around the future of LG's mobile division.