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Posted by mohxinn
 - May 30, 2022, 16:46:36
I have been using Android and iOS devices. Thought there are a lot more restrictions on iOS devices but the overall system is well integrated to deliver a satisfying user experience. The main reason for this is there are a few iPhone models launched every year and this makes it easy to optimoze apps for them. With Android there are around 1k phones releases each year having different hardware, screen sizes, launchers etc. making it difficult to have apps optimized for each and every device.
And with Android flagship phones nearly priced the same as iPhones, there is really no advantage in getting an Android phone for the average user.
Posted by Chuck007
 - May 30, 2022, 03:48:45
I like my iPhone but I have no idea how nearly every non-Android tech news sites give Apple preferred treatment. 

Like nearly the exact upgrades are coming to the Pixel 7 series and its considered MINOR... while everything Apple does (which in this case is nearly the exact same upgrade) is considered MAJOR. 

I know Apple is a major success... but for real guys?
Posted by Trav
 - May 29, 2022, 03:01:49
Another garbage apple product after the 12 pro max and the shady business practices with apple care over the garbage battery don't waste your time with apple or Samsung get a Sony Xperia cause they are hands down better than both Samsung and apple combined
Posted by Abidi
 - May 28, 2022, 14:12:04
N'importe quoi c'est toujours pareil on avance des centaines de nouveautées et puis rien
Posted by Redaktion
 - May 27, 2022, 20:20:40
A new Apple Pay ad featuring the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro has allegedly been released in advance. The clips in question make heavy and unambiguous use of the flagship's upgraded, punch-holed front panel in animated form. Therefore, this potentially crucial difference between it and the conventionally-notched vanilla 14 may just have been confirmed.