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Autor: Emit
« am: Juli 07, 2018, 04:02:49 »

Well at least we don't have display notches in the laptop segment, period. :/

Personally, I like what HP is doing with their spectre lineup. Slim bezels on the side and uncompromised webcam placement.
Autor: Ale
« am: Juli 07, 2018, 03:58:04 »

Why not just have a snap on web cam? This way you can have thin bezzle while at same time place the web cam on top? Because the webcam does waste a bunch of space.

Though I would like to see other trends go away like that stupid singular touchpad.
Autor: Markus
« am: Juli 06, 2018, 20:36:00 »

Pretty sure the LG Grams have relocated the webcam back on top, as did the Lenovo Yogas.

At the end it's another foolish business decision. It only takes one manufacturer to come up with a line of no-compromise 'perfect laptops' and steal the top-end tech consumer base once and for all.
Autor: DaveS
« am: Juli 06, 2018, 18:41:16 »

I often use Skype on the laptop for conference calls, desktop sharing (for troubleshooting), sending files, which is convenient and not feasible on a phone/tablet. The position, quality and inclusion of the webcam and noise cancelling microphone(s) within the bezel on the laptop display is important for many of us, especially in the business community.
Autor: Máté
« am: Juli 06, 2018, 15:48:06 »

True. Whenever I use Skype, even if I'm next to my laptop, if someone is calling, both the desktop and the phone client rings. I reach for the phone automatically, as that's what we're used to when we get called.

I only use the notebook for video calls if there are more people other than me and the phone is too "wobbly" to capture everyone or if screencast is part of the conversation. In all other cases I pick up the phone, and if there's no reason to use video, I treat it as a phone call. I don't disturb others in the office and I take it out to the corridor or kitchen.
Autor: PassiTheApe
« am: Juli 06, 2018, 15:43:32 »

I can't understand how they're not able to cram a webcam in the slim bezel up on the top. As you said, smartphone manufacturers have been upgrading their front-facing cameras to a form factor which merely requires a height of a few millimeters. It's physically possible, but the laptop manufacturers are simply unwilling....or idk what their rationale behind this is.
Autor: Davor Radman
« am: Juli 06, 2018, 14:46:44 »

Well, don't we all use our phones now for wast majority of communication, especially video?

It's circumstantial, but all but 1 person (my tech inept sister) in my circle does.
Autor: Redaktion
« am: Juli 06, 2018, 08:45:55 »

laptop webcams are being pushed aside so laptops can be smaller around the edges and thus lighter and more portable. If these latest laptops are any proof, then more OEMs are beginning to value webcams less and less in order to achieve a sleeker and more eye-catching "frame-less" look.

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